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Kirlian KameraCircus Probst, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
28th August 2021
Kirlian Camera – Konzertsommer im Revier 2021 – Support: NoyceTM

A Circus as a venue for a live concert? It sounds very interesting, but after very successful concerts in 2020, the “Konzertsommer im Revier” returned to the Circus Probst in Gelsenkirchen with a lot of very good bands. Today, it was time for KIRLIAN CAMERA and NOYCE TM.

Noyce TM

The evening started with the band NOYCE TM from Düsseldorf / Germany. Florian Schäfer, the singer and founder of the Electro Pop band, came onto the stage surrounded by his band. Co-founder and keyboarder Oliver Fritz Goetz and drummer Jens Schilling became help from the lovely Jessice Keuther with her violin today. Most of the time, Florian stood in the front with his microphone stand, illuminated by a spotlight. Although the circus was not yet so full of visitors, the mood of the audience was very good. This year, NOYCE TM celebrate their 25th anniversary and performed their new song ‘When It Hurts’ at this special event. But also, they played lots of older songs like ‘Heimat’ or the yet unreleased song ‘Adore’. On this evening, NOYCE TM was the perfect support band for the main act KIRLIAN CAMERA. /

01. Cirque Des Rebelles (intro)
02. When it Hurts
03. Year 03
04. This World
05. Coma
06. Heimat
07. Adore
08. Sense of Despair
09. Fall[Out]…

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 5
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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  • NoyceTM_08_2021_17_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_18_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_19_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_1_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_20_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_21_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_22_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_23_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_24_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_25_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_26_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_27_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_28_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_2_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_3_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_4_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_5_von_28
  • NoyceTM_08_2021_6_von_28

Kirlian Camera

Angelo Bergamini founded the band in 1979 with another name and changed it to KIRLIAN CAMERA in 1980. With a unique mix of drums, synth sound and a heavenly voice of a woman, KIRLIAN CAMERA became one of the most popular Darkwave bands. After more than 30 years and changes of band members, Angelo Bergamini and his band KIRLIAN CAMERA never lost the magic of their sound. A guarantee for this is the voice of the current singer Elena Alice Fossi. At the beginning of the concert, the light in the circus tent went out and people with flashlights came into the circus arena. After it got lighter and the fog cleared, singer Elena Alice Fossi, guitarist Jack Draven and Matteo Boschini with his 6-string bass could be recognized. From the start Elena impressed the well-filled circus with her voice while Angelo stood quietly behind his keyboards. Even if Jack swirled his hair through the air, Elena was once again the eye-catcher. She performed every song, including ‘Eclipse’, with so much love and fun. /

01. Intro from Crystal Mourn
02. The Illusory Guest
03. Hellfire
04. The 8th President
05. Crystal Morn (Album Version)
06. I Became Alice
07. Phoenix Aliena
08. Dreamlex + Cold Pills (Medley)
09. Black August
10. Lobotomine 5
11. Nightglory
12. Sky Collapse
13. Odyssey Europa (Italian Version)
14. Eclipse (Vintage Style)
15. Heldenplatz
16. K-Pax

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10

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  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_16_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_17_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_18_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_19_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_1_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_20_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_21_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_22_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_23_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_24_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_25_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_26_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_27_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_28_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_29_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_2_von_31
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  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_31_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_3_von_31
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  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_5_von_31
  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_6_von_31
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  • Kirlian_Kamera_08_2021_8_von_31

All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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