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kc ghloir
Artist: Kirlian Camera
Title: Ghloir ar an oiche
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 10th June 2011
Label: Out of Line

Single Review

‘Glory of the Night’ as the single’s title translates, is the newest batch of material and at the same time a sneak peek on the next KIRLIAN CAMERA album, which is still expected for a 2011 release. The first track ‘Nightglory’ introduces is to a very vibrant dance track whose structure is rooted in the spirit of 1980s electronics. Contrasted by the occasional harshness of the guitars and Angelo Bergamini’s love for expansive classical arrangements, it is Elena’s searing vocals that are banning you on the spot and cut through the thick web of sounds. The second track ‘After Winter 2011’ is, as the title indicates, a recreation of an earlier KIRLIAN CAMERA track, originally released in 1998. It’s elaborating on the minimalist side of the project. A cold arrangement of bubbling electronics has been laid out under the droning vocals of Bergamini. Even if you get to hear something like a melody, it’s rather a mood revived by sound synthesis.

The third track offers a variation of ‘Nightglory’ looking at the track from a purely emotional angle replacing pounding rhythms with piano and in doing so creating a classical atmosphere. The spotlights are on Elena here. The rest is just ornamental. Closing up the single is the instrumental ‘I gave you wings – I gave you death’.  A slowly building, modern rhythm is the playground for a variety of melodies influenced by classical compositions. It all bears the distinctive hallmarks of Bergamini. I for one am excited for the upcoming album and still wondering what it’s going to be like, because as you all know these styles are just a little of what KIRLIAN CAMERA are capable of doing.


01. Nightglory - 3:32
02. After winter 2011 - 3:48
03. Nightglory (camera version) - 4:34
04. I gave you wings - I gave you death - 6:32


Alena Alice Fossi
Angelo Bergamini


Cover Picture

kc ghloir


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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