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kirliancamera nightglory
Artist: Kirlian Camera
Title: Nightglory (2CD - Limited Edition)
Genre: Electro / Darkwave
Release Date: 4th November 2011
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

Now there it is, the long anticipated new KIRLIAN CAMERA album 'Nightglory'. The preceding single 'Ghloir ar an oiche' promised it to become quite a release already. The album is opened by 'I'm Not Sorry' which starts out as a magnificent piano ballad then keeps on building towards a soft club anthem while progressing. It keeps away from all too harsh and quirky experiments, or to hard beats for that matter. Eventually it returns back to placid waters to end in madness. The album's title track we know already by now presents itself as a clean KIRLIAN CAMERA club anthem with Elena's vocals soaring up to spine-tingling heights. The next track I've heard for the first time live this summer. It is actually a cover version of the ULTRAVOX classic 'Hymn'. It's a marriage of classical music and electronic influences with a vocal performance that really blows your mind. Needless to say they received euphoric applause after its live performance.

'Save Me Lord (From Killing them All)' takes a look back on a time when neo-folk elements were apparent in their music! They've considerable influence on making this track as beautiful as it is. The whisperings of an unknown narrator, an observer under millions unknowing filtered through dark atmospheres breaks out to tell the truth. Amazing how 'Winged Child Sitting On A Bench Watching Obscure Clouds Getting Closer While People Seek For Shelter' juggles with moods and a series of emotional outbreaks that keep you on your toes. Back when I reviewed the single, I wasn't quite sure why 'I Gave You Wings - I Gave You Death' was put on there as an instrumental. I mean, I found it was a beautiful track but it lacked something, was incomplete. The powerful vocal delivery was just what was missing. 'Black Tiger Rising' is an instrumental which is taking on monumental proportions over its duration before on the ultimate track 'Gethsemane' a prayer is send to the heavens in the most heart-rending way. With nothing but strings providing a musical current. They could have easily done this without. Would've had the same impact.

If you are lucky enough to call the limited edition your own you can put a second disc into your player now to enjoy stripped down, so called "Camera", versions of album songs for acoustic guitar, vocals and piano plus two unreleased tracks. The first of which is called 'A Shark's Tale' and here it is Angelo telling the tale its parts underscored with the right set of instruments. The second one 'Quicksand City' being a sombre piano instrumental inflicted with various sound gimmicks that make for a few ethereal minutes. KIRLIAN CAMERA played it safe on 'Nightglory'. No too obvious experiments are to be found here. Instead it's become a very poppy release altogether. But pop with the KC charm is still a lot better than ordinary 3.5 minute acoustic tortures.


01. I’m Not Sorry – 6:00
02. Nightglory – 3:30
03. Hymn – 5:25
04. Save Me Lord – 2:32
05. Winged Child – 4:25
06. I Killed Judas – 2:28
07. Immortal – 5:31
08. I Gave You Wings I gave You Death – 5:37
09. Black Tiger Rising – 1:52
10. Gethsemane – 5:43

CD2 - Whispered Triumph Of Death
11. Winged Child Sitting On A Bench Watching Obscure Clouds Getting Closer While People Seek For Shelter – 4:03
12. Immortal (Camera Version) – 4:41
13. A Shark’s Tale – 2:16
14. Nightglory (Camera Version) – 4:34
15. Quicksand City – 1:47
16. Save Me Lord (From Killing Them All) – 2:37


Elena Alice Fossi - Lead and backing vocals, electronics, programming, treatments, keyboards, piano, additional bass guitar, studio sound engineering
Angelo Bergamini - Electronics, additional programming and keyboards, male voice inputs
Kyoo Nam Rossi - Electric, acoustic & bass guitar

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kirliancamera nightglory


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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