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svenphalanx intro byPolarichtFotografieInterview with

Sven Phalanx

Sven Phalanx, known from his projects SCHWARZWALD and SCHATTENSPIEL, joined forces with Andreas Davids from XOTOX and released an album that represents a fantastic sound of Space-Ambient-Pop. He agreed to answer a few questions about the cooperation with Anders, tattoos and Edgar Alan Poe.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Why do you like Edgar Allan Poe so much?
Sven: I really appreciate the stories of the old masters. The atmosphere that Edgar Allan Poe creates in his works, the subtle horror and the deep abyss of humanity. There is a radio play series of the same name that is based on his works... that’s how I found my love for it.

RoD: Could you tell me more about your cooperation with Andreas Davids from XOTOX with whom you released the album ‘Broken Galaxies’?
Sven: Andreas and I have had a very good friendship for a long time. We share many common interests and passions and have remixed each other in the past. That we can create something musical together was the next logical step. In this project we want to pay homage to our love of science fiction and so we created the new music genre Space-Ambient-Pop.

svenphalanx1 byPolarichtFotografie

RoD: ‘Broken Galaxies’ is very dreamy, transcendental - quite the opposite of what XOTOX or SCHWARZWALD line is about - why did you decide to do ambient album?
Sven: We want to do something completely different, quasi as a counterpart and complement to our main projects. Since we both appreciate the quieter tones in addition to the loud sounds, we decided to go this way.

RoD: What do you think ambient represents and what is it about ambient music that attracts you so much?
Sven: The great attraction of Ambient is that only the music creates a mood. The dense atmosphere encourages you to close your eyes and join us on a journey through space and time.

RoD: SCHWARZWALD and SCHATTENSPIEL are your two projects - could you please tell me more about them and in what way do they represent your musical inspirations?
Sven: I founded SCHATTENSPIEL in 2008 and made various musical developments with various band line-ups before I ended the project in 2018. I wanted to dedicate myself more to my new SCHWARZWALD project, which I launched together with MISS KITTY in 2014 and in which I am fully dedicated to the EBM / Industrial track.

svenphalanx2 byPolarichtFotografie

RoD: What first brought you to music?
Sven: I made the first songs in 1998/99. At that time only for myself, later I distributed the first songs to friends before I finally created my alter ego with SVEN PHALANX in 2000. I wanted to create an outlet for my thoughts and emotions with the music... and I’m very happy that I can reach a few people with it and share these feelings with them!

RoD: Your music is very energetic - what is your approach to music? What should be is purpose? To add to people’s energy, to give them power and optimism?
Sven: As already mentioned, the main purpose of the music is to provide an outlet for me. When someone draws energy and optimism from it, for me as an artist that is of course the best feedback that can be given. To give other people strength, energy, optimism, love or consolation in difficult times is the most beautiful and most important thing there is.

RoD: Would you say you are an optimist?
Sven: Yes, I would say that about myself. I always start from the worst case in order not to be disappointed and to lose the ground under my feet, but I always have a plan B in my pocket and would say that I am cautiously optimistic.

svenphalanx3 byPolarichtFotografie

RoD: You have a lot of tattoos - the tattoo culture and the very myth related to marking one’s body is very strong. Do your tattoos carry a special meaning or are they just beautiful works of art?
Sven: Yes, I would say that about myself. A lot of my tattoos have deep meanings. For example, I have dedicated a motif arm each to my two favourite writers, Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne. A friendship tattoo also adorns my body or the paw print of my deceased cat. But I also have tattoos that are just jewellery and have no deeper meaning. Tattooing is just an addiction!

RoD: What are your future plans? What can we expect from you?
Sven: I am currently working on our second album with Andreas Davids. I think this will be released in spring or summer 2021. Maybe we will also give a live performance. After that I’ll be working on new material for SCHWARZWALD in autumn / winter.

RoD: Thank you very much!

All pictures by Angelica Lemke - Polaricht Fotografie (
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