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zweitejugend lisseulenherz dieganzenacht
Artist: Zweite Jugend
Title: Die ganze Nacht
Genre: EBM / Electro Punk
Release Date: 6th March 2020
Label: Brandsatz Records

Single Review

German EBM / Electro Punk duo ZWEITE JUGEND love to be busy, so here comes yet another single offshoot from their critically acclaimed second album ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’. As usual these days, and unfortunately, only in digital format but then that’s the way to go for smaller bands today and in a way digital only releases give you more freedom as you don’t risk to lose a lot of money because you can’t sell all the printed copies of your product.

So here comes the third single release from ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’. The lead single, ‘Leah & Alissa’, proved to be a minor club hit, the second one was ‘Flucht von der Erde’ and offered some great remixes and a weird but cool low-budget video clip. For ‘Die ganze Nacht’ there will be also a video which premieres on March 6, the same day when the three tracks of the single will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes and all other music online services.

The first track of the package is the duet version of ‘Die ganze Nacht’, one of the strongest songs of the album and also a pretty club-friendly track. It’s basically the album version with Liss Eulenherz’s vocals added but what sounds simple could potentially pretty tricky. ZWEITE JUGEND master the job perfectly and it’s rather amazing how natural it feels with added vocals. And female vocals are certainly a fresh element here! There are not enough women in EBM, anyway. After listening to the ‘Duett Version’ a few times it is impossible to “unhear” Liss Eulenherz’s brilliant vocal delivery, and now the album version with Eli van Vegas’ voice only feels kind of weird. Now the call-and-response vocals by Eli and Liss seems to be the way ‘Die ganze Nacht’ always was supposed to be.

While track number one gives you old school EBM clearly influenced by DEUTSCH-AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT and early NITZER EBB, the further tracks allow ZWEITE JUGEND to delve into other territories of electronic music. Something ZWEITE JUGEND fans already know from the previous singles! The ‘Wesenberg Rework’ is a bit more experimental, strips off the dance elements and adds both dreamy and weird noises to the song. A version for the trippy listening experience at home! Track number three is a remix of the album’s title song, and it screams “here comes the club mix, motherfuckers!” loud and clearly. ZWEITE JUGEND not only have their roots in Punk, but also in Techno and House. The result is EBM - most of the time - but here Eli van Vegas’ soft spot for deep dance tunes. The remix is probably not to the taste of everybody in the EBM scene but should be a hit at the Berghain Berlin and a mainstay in the DJ sets of people like Terence Fixmer, Steve Bug or Oliver Huntemann. If somebody could point out to them that ZWEITE JUGEND even exists, please!

So, here’s another great offering from the Osnabrück based duo which leaves hardly anything to ask for. Maybe some sort of extended version of the ‘Duett Version’, or some remix that caters the Goth and EBM crowds, would have been nice. But ZWEITE JUGEND leave such backward-thinking to their competitors.


01. Die ganze Nacht (Duett Version)
02. Die ganze Nacht (Wesenberg Rework)
03. Elektronische Körpermusik (Eli van Vegas Remix)


Eli van Vegas
Marcel Lüke
Liss Eulenherz

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Cover Picture

zweitejugend lisseulenherz dieganzenacht


Music: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10

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