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zoodrake purified
Artist: Zoodrake
Title: Purified
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 27th March 2020
Label: Elektrofish / Echozone

Album Review

Hilton Theissen’s new project ZOODRAKE, reminding with the new given name of the former band SEADRAKE he used to be front singer of up until sometime last year, released the debut album ‘Purified’ end of March 2020. Just when the world was put on hold due to the Corona virus. Hilton is also known as part of music projects like AKANOID, DARK MILLENIUM and THE JOKE JAY.

‘Purified’ is a ten-song-album. ‘Sent To You’ and ‘Our Light’ were already released as first singles in 2019. The first song of the album, ‘Upgrade’, takes off right away and has even a good pinch of epicness. Wisely chosen Pop elements combined with everything a Synth Pop hymn might need. No edges, but wholeheartedly presented emotions and clear vocals. ‘Death Bloom’ sounds more “dirty”, edgy and uses some unexpected elements that show oriental spirit. Direct, fast, not taking long roundabout ways to get to the chorus. ‘Lasting’ is just like that summer song directly from the 90ies (or even 80ies?) - so light, flowing, like that song from a commercial of a summer drink from the past. Shows a nice and not very expected contrast to the previous ‘Death Bloom’.

‘Our Light’ as one of the first singles shows all the facets of a Synth Pop hit that is made to conquer the dancefloors. Nothing to “complain” about, just dream about these long summer nights in the clubs that we all miss so desperately. The following ‘For A While’ creates one more time, pure, light atmosphere, hymnal atmosphere. Same with ‘Faster’. An energetic delightful song, I would not be surprised to hear it on the radio (if I’d listen to it). The children’s choir is unexpected, but once more fits into what you’d expect from a well-produced radio hit. The reason why ‘Sent To You’ was also chosen as a single is obvious. Couldn’t be catchier, more driving forward, more energetic. ‘Fear’ is balancing between very fragile and soft vocals and being full of emotions. It is not what you expect from a song called ‘Fear’, but the song sounds just extremely delightful.

‘Solitude (You Will)’ has a really promising start, a sequence from an old Western move instantly arises in my mind, but is losing this image right away and somehow whatever I expected. I probably just developed higher expectations to the song the way it started. It’s for sure one to listen to several times and it’s actually exciting to look for all the small details that are hidden inside. Just wish there was more consistency to me. Nevertheless, an interesting song to experiment with some different elements. And then there is the last song of the album ‘I Am The Drake’ that comes around extremely surprising after a record that is mostly made to satisfy everyone who enjoys extremely well-produces, playful Pop melodies and enjoys all the influences from the 80ies. ‘I Am The Drake’ breaks out of the soft and delightful path as if Hilton is letting out his inner drake to play around.

Really exciting, dark, and very surprising track at the end of this album. Expect the unexpected. I am for sure not the first one to draw the connection to NINE INCH NAILS influences, they are obviously there, but the song does not sound like just another tribute - even using this comparison, you will be surprised once you hear it. ‘Purified’ has a really surprising plot twist. If you are looking for a smooth, growing, light and intense Synth Pop album then this is for you - 9 out of 10 songs. If you are into something punching, the straight forward dark Industrial track, still extremely playful - here you are with the last song - ‘I Am The Drake’. It’s never too late to surprise a listener.


01. Upgrade
02. Death Bloom
03. Lasting
04. Our Light
05. For A While
06. Faster
07. Sent To You
08. Fear
09. Solitude (You Will)
10. I Am The Drake


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zoodrake purified


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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