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Artist: V8 Wankers
Title: Iron Crossroads
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 15th April 2011
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

V8 WANKERS have been around for some time, and when they bring a new album, they bring the fun. These guys rock pretty hard with the aggression and grit of bands like JUDAS PREIST, AC/DC, and AIRBOURNE. One thing listeners can also get used to it their use of group vocal harmonisations and tongue-in-cheek lyrical humour to let people know that while they sound serious in their style, they have a very laid back, enjoyable take on heavy metal while trying to bring back that old school feeling that it was about getting a crowd together, drinking beer, and being there for a good show rather than about the music industry. Tracks like ‘I Am The Kind Of Guy Who Gets Away With Murder’ features almost a live atmosphere like the band is performing for a crowd even though they are in the studio. The riffs chug away loudly- mostly the guitars dominate the sound sphere along with the vocals while the guitars and drums can get lost in the mix- but try to refrain from being too repetitive. Only on a track like ‘Iron Crossroads’ does the sound seem a bit simplistic, but also very bluesy for the beginning and refrains to a very old school style to making a heavy ballad without turning soft at all with pianos or acoustic guitars.

‘Dirty Old Man’ has a bit of punk influence much along the lines of DROPKICK MURPHYS, but at the same time the backing vocals provide a contrast of harmonious sound, which is odd because they are usually rougher on other tracks like ‘Winner’. ‘SBM’ is a great piece of humour that hits hard and leaves no room for bawling laughter; only chuckles and is a great demonstration of WANKERS’ approach and attitude towards metal. The only downer on the album would be ‘Ride The Rocket’ while the music is pretty enjoyable, the vocals seem to be sped up a bit too much so they are ahead of the riffs and it just does not suit the group’s style at all. Fortunately, the track speeds right by… like most of the album. Some fans may complain that there isn’t enough here, but V8 WANKERS draw on the nature of old styled rock and punk to make fast songs, and also live up their motto of ‘live fast and hard, die young by Rock’n’Roll.’ It is good to see a band give their all, even if it may not be the longest album ever. ‘Iron Crossroads’ is a great new number to add to the WANKERS’ discography, and fans who are just getting into this album will not be disappointed by how much this rocks.


01. Sworn to Fun, Second to None - 1:00
02. Winner - 2:56
03. Lone Wolf, No Club - 2:40
04. I'm the Kind of Guy Who Gets Away with Murder - 4:13
05. Iron Crossroads - 3:49
06. Your Name - 2:44
07. Sweet Blood - 3:00
08. You Hate Me, I'm So Glad - 4:15
09. Dirty Old Man - 4:22
10. SBM (Stop Bugging Me) - 3:29
11. Give It to Me - 2:32
12. Gone Electric - 2:50
13. Ride the Rocket - 2:04
14. Live by Rock'n'Roll, Die by Rock'n'Roll - 5:12


Latino Wanker Vulcanus - Guitar
Big Wanker Schmuddel - Guitar
Dirty Wanker Dirty Dick - Drums
Boss Wanker Lutz Vegas - Vocals
Sexy Wanker Rico Dandruff - Bass


Cover Picture



Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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