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dicepeople endofline
Artist: Dicepeople
Title: End of Line
Genre: Dark Electronic
Release Date: 23rd July 2014
Label: Sonic Serendipity Records

Album Review

DICEPEOPLE are the ones who turned the term EBM from “electronic body music” to “electronic for body and mind”. Add to this a bunch of darkness and you’ll get the great cocktail for a gloomy autumn evening. Matt Brock, who is responsible for musical part of the DICEPEOPLE, manages to combine basic electronic beats and synthetic industrial sound with emotional melodic guitars and haunted female vocals. Their music is influenced by quite a broad range of artists. Starting from BLACK SABABTH (no wonder since Brock is British), PINK FLOYD and THE DOORS ending with NINE INCH NAILS, DEPECHE MODE, FRONT 242 and TANGERINE DREAM. Since the second member of the DICEPEOPLE, Rafael Filomeno, creates the visual part, the cinema influences is important as well.

And here you see the mixture of David Cronenberg, David Lynch, John Carpenter, Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino. And if it is not enough conception yet, it should be mentioned that ‘End of Line’ is the third part of the trilogy. It is told that the previous albums were also well received. Unfortunately, this music has always been kind of music for the chosen. And even if the DICEPEOPLE are highly rated by the music experts it is hard to imagine this duo to entertain the whole stadium. It would be rather a tiny club in the street with the hard-spelled name. However, it is exactly the romantic part of the cold and dark electronic music. And listening to the DICEPEOPLE it is highly recommend to turn off the lights and let your mind flow.


01. Bruised
02. Dissolution
03. The Doll House
04. Singularity
05. Hurt
06. Morphia Melancolia
07. Death Drone
08. The End of the Line


Matt Brock – Music
Rafael Filomeno – Visuals

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Cover Picture

dicepeople endofline


Music: 9
Sound: 7
Total: 8 / 10

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