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evile hellunleashed
Artist: Evile
Title: Hell Unleashed
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Label: Napalm Records

Album Review

EVILE is back! We, I mean approximately 73.5% of the Thrash Metal scene, has waited for the day these guys return to melt out fucking faces of with a sustained fire consisting of riffs that are fierce as ‘Hell Unleashed’. This is the band’s fifth full-length record and man, it rips you a new one. It has been eight years since the predecessor ‘Skull’ (which was a bit mire on the melodic side, not tame but no massacre either). Due to quite some changes in the line-up since 2013 time seemed to fly for EVILE (Joel told me in our interview for my YouTube channel). The most shocking thing, line-up wise, was the departure of Ol’s Brother Matt (a killer vocalist).

The good thing is that Ol took over shouting duty and is now a kick-ass guitarist and a hell of a vocalist. Speaking of Guitars: Smith and Drake did forge a lot of awesome riffs and the know how to tell a great story with their relentless shredding. The rhythm section consisting of Joel Graham on bass and Ben Carter on drums is holding this storm of riffs and shouts together narrating them through this nicely constructed chaos (love the mix, crisp but still old-school and kinda like a rusty blade). Ol’s voice is kinda similar to that of his brother but he definitely sounds more fierce, intense and pissed. Was it wort the wait? Definitely! This is for fans that like METALLICA with James on a devastatingly bad day where he did listen to a lot of SLAYER. If you want to check out the interview, just check here:


01. Paralyzed
02. Gore
03. Incarcerated
04. War Of Attrition
05. Disorder
06. The Thing (1982)
07. Zombie Apocalypse
08. Control From Above
09. Hell Unleashed


Ben Carter – Drums
Ol Drake – Guitars, Vocals
Joel Graham – Bass
Adam Smith – Guitars

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Cover Picture

evile hellunleashed


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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