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ammo rosecrown
Artist: Ammo
Title: Rose + Crown
Genre: Shoegaze / Dreamgaze
Release Date: 5th July 2021
Label: Mourning Sun Records

Album Review

AMMO is a flipper between New York and Los Angeles. She’s a photographer as well as a recording artist / musician / songwriter. Her youth was spent bunking school and going to record shops to sift through all the racks of music as well as hanging out on the LA music and art scene soaking up what was on offer and hooking up with likeminded souls.

This 2-track affair is inspired by THE CHROMATICS and David Lynch. I can see that, there’s a Twin Peaks vibe to this. Like blood dripping into water, life slowly diluted into a liquid death. But liquid is life, it replenishes and sustains inside new veins. This track is soothing like when you smoke a joint and lie back on marshmallow cushions, the sounds around you heightened, a satisfied smile births itself from your lips as the walls and doors around you recede like aged gums… This is dream pop trippy, viscous and multi limbed. How would I describe it? AMMOtional! But also, easy listening.

I’ve never heard of AMMO until now, why should I have, it’s not compulsory. But my compulsion now is to seek out more. If your boat floaters are David Lynch soundtracks, CHROMATICS, JULEE CRUISE, LADYTRON, PHANTOGRAM, EMMA RUTH RUNDLE, CLAN OF XYMOX, CHELSEA WOLFE, DAUGHTER, MAGIC WANDS then I’d give AMMO a try! Have a good day!!

Watch the video here


01. Rose + Crown
02. Total Recall


‘Total Recall’ written by Adrian Borland
‘Rose + Crown’ written and performed by AMMO
Drums and percussion by Alex Posell


Cover Picture

ammo rosecrown


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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