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cantilena hrl2016 05Video Interview with

Asim Searah (vocals, guitar), Slava Zalmanov (guitar) and Tõnis Noevere (drums) of Cantilena at Lauluväljak (Tallinn, Estonia) 2016

One band has made an impact at the Hard Rock Laager Festival last summer and left so many people astounded with their live performance. Their concert on the main stage with the fire show was as equal to the performances of well-known bands and no one had expected that, so I became curious to know who they are. CANTILENA is a Thrash Metal band from Estonia and their sound has changed with their new line-up, starting from 2015 when Asim Searah joined the band. A month after the festival we met again and had a fun chat with Asim, Slava and Tõnis, with an idea of introducing them and their singles ‘Sentiments’ and ‘No.1’. It is just the beginning, so it will be interesting to follow the career of CANTILENA now with Asim Searah on guitar and vocals.

CANTILENA is Asim Searah (vocals, guitar), Slava Zalmanov (guitar), Stas Zalmanov (bass) and Tõnis Noevere (drums). / / 

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Pictures by Jelena Jakovljevic
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