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deathwolf iiblackarmoureddeath
Artist: Death Wolf
Title: II: Black Armoured Death
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 18th February 2013
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

DEATH WOLF were formed in 2000 under the name DEVILS WHOREHOUSE in Sweden. They started out mainly as a MISFITS cover band, but soon began to write their own material – Heavy Metal with influences from Horror Punk and others. From 2011 onwards, they appear as DEATH WOLF and put out their second album under this name in the first half of 2013.

With ‘II: Black Armoured Death’, DEATH WOLF put out a much diversified piece of music. The influences range from the already mentioned MISFITS to DANZIG, but also elements of Thrash and Black Metal can be heard. Starting off, ‘Noche De Brujas’ is dominated by the use of the band’s distinct vocals – they somehow range between clean and harsh. The track itself is rather slow and heavy, whereas the following ‘World Serpent’ is faster and provides a crossover mixture from Punk elements and Thrash Metal. ‘Lord Of Putrefaction’ shows a different style - the mood of the song is very melancholic, depressed and allusions to Doom Metal become evident. With ‘Darkness Of Hel’, speed is once more accelerated, with its culminating point in ‘Sudden Bloodletter’, which is at the same time the shortest piece on ‘II: Black Armoured Death’.

In contrast, ‘Malice Striker’ combines fast and melancholic elements and thus creates an interesting and suspenseful atmosphere. ‘Night Stalker’ is best characterized by the mournful vocals, which re-occur in the similar-styled interlude, ‘Luciferian Blood Covenant’. ‘Black Armoured Death’ provides another heavy, aggressive and brutal but short title track. It is followed by the longest title, presumably the band hymn ‘Death Wolf March’ which is a grooving, repetitive mid-tempo song. As an interesting surprise, ‘Little Black Angel’ shows DEATH WOLF’s own interpretation of the well-known Death In June track. ‘Snake Mountain’ offers an energetic crossover track, before ‘Rothenburg’ closes the album in a sagging and heavy way. In general, ‘II: Black Armoured Death’ shows a lot of variety in style and thus provides an interesting piece of music. Yet, innovation is lacking and some combinations may appear to be a too forced.


01. Noche De Brujas
02. World Serpent
03. Lord Of Putrefaction
04. Darkness Of Hel
05. Sudden Bloodletter
06. Malice Striker
07. Night Stalker
08. Luciferian Blood Covenant
09. Black Armoured Death
10. Death Wolf March
11. Little Black Angel
12. Snake Mountain
13. Rothenburg


Morgan – Bass
Hrafn – Drums
Makko – Guitars
Maelstrom – Vocals

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deathwolf iiblackarmoureddeath


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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