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Artist: Army Of The Universe
Title: Mother Ignorance
Genre: Alternative / Industrial / Gothic
Release Date: 24th May 2011
Label: Metropolis Records

Album Review

ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE was founded in Milan in 2008 by Albert Vorne (“Trebla”) on synth and programming and a vocalist Lord K (KULT, THE SKULL GOD), later on they took on their third member, a guitarist, Davil. They describe their sound as inspired “from the experiments of the 80's electro-rock, fuelled with the futuristic re-interpretations of rocking 6 strings on top of twisted electronic landscapes and the collisions of sound of the end of the millennia.” Their debut album ‘Mother Ignorance’ has been preceded by a single, containing several remixes of ‘Resin’, ‘Lovedead’ and ‘Dust In The Universe’.

The album also except the LP-versions of the songs mentioned also has a cover of BJÖRK’s ‘Army Of Me’. Another detail to mention would be that it’s mixed by Chris Vrenna (ex-drummer of NIN, a keyboardist of MARYLIN MANSON) who praised it as "it was a long time I had not heard anything so new and groundbreaking”. Well, ‘Hollywood Drama’ indeed made me think of MARYLIN MANSON, it’s got something of the attitude and sound. Some songs do bring NINE INCH NAILS to mind too, though even in a more industrial songs, they are more melodic and with less pathos. Their choice to take on guitars and have them distorted as much as possible was a great step, at the start of the album they rather than the electronics give me the futuristic impression they talked about. In fact in ‘Lovedead’ when it comes to synth contribution, I love its retro sound as if an old computer came to life in the dusty corner of your attic.

‘Goodnite’ does have that 80s tinge in vocals. All three of them here work together superbly; it’s created one of the very strong, memorable songs with its melody. ‘Resin’ - absolutely love the start, the guitar picking and strumming falling into the atmospheric synth is a treat. A lot of the singers back from the 80s had a far too androgynous texture, except few exceptions (say like David Gahan from DEPECHE MODE), Lord K, certainly could fit to that era and his voice belongs to the category of the exceptions. ‘Army Of Me’ is stripped of the melodramatic approach of BJÖRK, the downside is that it’s difficult to hear the vocal at times, it’s a good cover nevertheless. ‘Dust In The Universe’ could have featured in some of the Matrix movies. Many of the songs show versatility of their vocalist, say ‘Broken Porcelain’ introduces him in a completely new light. I also love the way lyrics get to stand out here, the effects suit the theme perfectly too.

Another new angle you’ll hear in ‘Retarded’ (don’t let the PC brigade get into the debate though!). It’ll have your head responding to its rhythm in no time. Another remarkable song! The beeped out swear words are more effective than if they were pronounced freely, love the position between industrial metal of the music and the near-to- rapping-but- not- quite-so close to the white anger of sarcasm in the vocal. ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE has an original approach to sound and stand out already at the starting lines of their career. ‘Mother Ignorance’ is very close to accomplished for a debut and brings a lot of interesting, solid, powerful songs. If you want to hear something new and fresh, do check these guys out.


Mother Ignorance – 4.12
Lovedead – 3.50
Goodnite – 3.37
Resin – 4.03
Army Of Me – 3.59
Cold In Heaven – 4.05
Hollywood Drama – 3.47
8 Flowers – 4.37
Quantisize – 2.15
Dust In The Universe – 5.21
Broken Porcelain – 4.00
Table In Hell – 4.19
Retarded – 3.34
Slower – 1.50


Albert Vorne aka Trebla – programming, synths
Lord K – vocals
Davil – guitars

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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