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hellyeah bandofbrothers
Artist: Hellyeah
Title: Band Of Brothers
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 17th July 2012
Label: Eleven Seven Music

Album Review

For HELLYEAH’s third album, a lot of fans might be groaning over what the Heavy Metal super group might unleash next. Their previous album was pretty mediocre and sub standard to their debut which was OK, but not fantastic compared to the expected talent coming from the members of PANTERA, MUDVAYNE, and NOTHINGFACE. Here with ‘Band Of Brothers’ it feels like the group has regained the ferocity heard on their first album. However, as fans might have feared, HELLYEAH still feels like it is evolving into mid-era MUDVAYNE, particularly due to Chad Grays’ vocal style. As much of the listener is focused on the music, all direction goes to the vocals usually. Of course, HELLYEAH does everything they can to try and sound like just a direct Heavy Metal record compared to the sound of an Alt. Metal group or Groove Metal. “War In Me” isn’t the best start to the album as it comes off as MUDVAYNE cliché- save for the guitar solo- but there a lot of other options out there to really enjoy.

The title track tends to lean a bit more towards the catchy single of the first album with ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ but also throws in some spoken word sections that, no matter how brief, suddenly seem to give HELLYEAH a bit of new life that fans might be able to enjoy so it doesn’t so mediocre. ‘Rage/ Burn’ features one of the better riffs and hooks on the whole album during the chorus that will certainly be a driving force at live shows. ‘Drink Drank Drunk’ tries to add a bit of groove that is somewhat infectious in the way that Classic Rock groups like DEF LEPPARD would have put out if they had full on screaming. ‘Between You And Nowhere’ offers the slow ballad that will remind fans of ‘Alcohaulin’ Ass’ with a bit of a Country vibe, something the band could have capitalized a bit more throughout the album to create a unique sound for HELLYEAH that really would have made this album a breakthrough again and separate them from so many other Metal super groups out there who have a similar sound, but unfortunately the fun part of the ride stops here. From this point on, aside from maybe the infectious ‘Dig Myself A Hole’, things pretty much role back to sounding like MUDVAYNE again. Still, compared to the previous album ‘Stampede’, HELLYEAH are trying to climb their way back up to the punch that made their debut such a hit. It is good to see the sophomore slump is being shrugged  off but it is going to take a little more bit swing to break through.


01. War in Me - 3:36
02. Band of Brothers - 4:45
03. Rage/Burn - 4:41
04. Drink Drank Drunk - 3:56
05. Bigger God - :39
06. Between You and Nowhere - 4:16
07. Call It Like I See It - 4:00
08. Why Does It Always - 3:20
09. WM Free - 5:02
10. Dig Myself a Hole - 3:29
11. What It Takes to Me - 3:29


Vinnie Paul- Drums
Tom Maxwell- Guitars
Greg Tribbett- Guitars
Chad Gray- Vocals
Bob "Bobzilla" Kakaha- Bass


Cover Picture

hellyeah bandofbrothers


Music: 7
Sound: 6
Total: 6.5 / 10

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