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orodruin epicureanmass rerelease
Artist: Orodruin
Title: Epicurean Mass (Re-Release)
Genre: Doom Metal
Release Date: 28th May 2021
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Album Review

Nothing better to get your day started properly than listening to some really heavy Doom Metal after breakfast. After a good dose of coffee, I decided to get me some ORODRUIN. These guys play the kind of very melodic and epic but also very moody and almost depressive kind of Doom, ain't no sunshine and that is for sure. ‘Epicurean Mass’ is a re-release of the band’s first full-length endeavour and for people like me it is a great gift because I only know their brilliant second output ‘Ruins Of Eternity’.

The press-text compares the band to BLACK SABBATH which I won’t, for me there’s elements of bands like SOLITUDE AETERNUS and CANDLEMASS to be heard. BLACK SABBATH had dark and gloomy moments and hell to the yeah, I do think they did invent Doom Metal but they did while not playing it to a level that a band like ORODRUIN does (Iommi and the boys did open the door but the ones that followed did enter the emotional void beyond those door frames). ORODRUIN manage to put so much despair in their compositions that you can feel it while listening. If you dig your Doom Metal extra gloomy and sad, you will love this.


01. The Welcoming
02. Peasants Lament
03. Melancholia
04. Pierced by Cruel Winds
05. Unspeakable Truth
06. Burn the Witch
07. War Cry
08. Epicurean Mass


John Gallo – Guitar / Organ
Mike Puleo – Bass / Vocals
Nick Tydelski – Guitar
Mike Waske – Drums

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orodruin epicureanmass rerelease


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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