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orodruin ruinsofeternity
Artist: Orodruin
Title: Ruins of Eternity
Genre: Doom
Release Date: 25th October 2019
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

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Rochester’s finest is back: ORODRUIN (not to be confused with the Oregon Black Metal outfit of the same name), after 16 years of wait the doom threesome is back with ‘Ruins of Eternity’ and man this is fantastic stuff for every doomster. Mike Puleo’s voice is really awesome, composing and playing in the cut-set of BLACK SABBATH and ST. VITUS with glimpses and bits from CANDLEMASS and CATHEDRAL this is epic doom at its finest. Enchanting music to recollect and introspect, the arrangements are mostly heavy but at times they offer an insight into the vulnerability of the involved artists.

This shit is so sad and tragic and yet its musicality and class makes me very happy. ‘Voice in the Dark’ alone is worth the money, damn it! After listening to this really good release I have to get ORODRUIN’s debut ‘Epicurean Mass’ and maybe a bit of merch. It is important to mention that vocalist Mike Puleo did double or better triple duty on this record because he sang, played the bass and provided the drumming too (what a fucking daredevil of a man!). Lastly; for everyone who doesn’t know ORODRUIN is another name for J.R.R Tolkien’s Mount Doom and as that very popular among us metal heads, according to the Metal archives there are four Metal bands with this name, two of them in the US alone.

Conclusion: Great epic stuff, buy this record or as Shia la Beauf would say: “DO IT!!!”

Rating: 9 / 10

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