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nazarethX, Herford, Germany
13th April 2019
Nazareth - “50th Anniversary Tour” Part II - Support: Formosa

For the second part of the “Anniversary Tour”, there are six gigs in Germany. Today is the turn of X in Herford. The location is filled with about 400 - 500 people normally and the predominantly older audience is in a good mood. The Scots will be supported on their tour by the trio FORMOSA from Essen, who have played more than 80 shows in thirteen countries since the sale of their second album, ‘Sorry For Being Sexy’.


At 20:00 pm, FORMOSA, namely Nik Bird (bass, vocals), Nik Beer (guitar) and Jakob (drums) set off. Who now expects that the three boys from Essen run totally naked on the stage, as suggested by their record covers and songs, is probably disappointed. Only drummer Jakob pushes his shirtless body on his kit. The classic Hard Rock with a light Stoner touch and a lot of playing potential is well received by the audience. This is above all due to the joy of movement of the two axe-men. Especially the guitarist runs up and down the stage and jumps around like a kangaroo.

formosaFOR 998520190413FOR 9985

When it comes to the agility and the groove, the “Ruhrpott guys” remind me very much to the Retro-Rock band THE VINTAGE CARAVAN from Iceland. After three quarters of an hour, the boys then let off steam.

01. The Dynamite
02. Never Stop Rock´n´Roll
03. Love On The Highway
04. Manana
05. Rock´n´Roll Generation
06. Rakija Fever
07. Johnny The Beaver
08. Sold My Soul
09. Fuck Up Your Liver
10. Friends Of The Night
11. Bad Boys

  • formosaFOR_001020190413FOR_0010
  • formosaFOR_001220190413FOR_0012
  • formosaFOR_001420190413FOR_0014
  • formosaFOR_002020190413FOR_0020
  • formosaFOR_002720190413FOR_0027
  • formosaFOR_002820190413FOR_0028
  • formosaFOR_003820190413FOR_0038
  • formosaFOR_004020190413FOR_0040
  • formosaFOR_004420190413FOR_0044
  • formosaFOR_004520190413FOR_0045
  • formosaFOR_004720190413FOR_0047
  • formosaFOR_005320190413FOR_0053
  • formosaFOR_006020190413FOR_0060
  • formosaFOR_006320190413FOR_0063
  • formosaFOR_007020190413FOR_0070
  • formosaFOR_007120190413FOR_0071
  • formosaFOR_007520190413FOR_0075
  • formosaFOR_007820190413FOR_0078
  • formosaFOR_008120190413FOR_0081
  • formosaFOR_008320190413FOR_0083
  • formosaFOR_008520190413FOR_0085
  • formosaFOR_008720190413FOR_0087
  • formosaFOR_008820190413FOR_0088
  • formosaFOR_009020190413FOR_0090
  • formosaFOR_009520190413FOR_0095
  • formosaFOR_009920190413FOR_0099
  • formosaFOR_010220190413FOR_0102
  • formosaFOR_011220190413FOR_0112
  • formosaFOR_011420190413FOR_0114
  • formosaFOR_012020190413FOR_0120
  • formosaFOR_012220190413FOR_0122
  • formosaFOR_012820190413FOR_0128
  • formosaFOR_012920190413FOR_0129
  • formosaFOR_013520190413FOR_0135
  • formosaFOR_748120190413FOR_7481
  • formosaFOR_749220190413FOR_7492
  • formosaFOR_750320190413FOR_7503
  • formosaFOR_750620190413FOR_7506
  • formosaFOR_750920190413FOR_7509
  • formosaFOR_751320190413FOR_7513
  • formosaFOR_751620190413FOR_7516
  • formosaFOR_752920190413FOR_7529
  • formosaFOR_754020190413FOR_7540
  • formosaFOR_998320190413FOR_9983
  • formosaFOR_998520190413FOR_9985


NAZARETH come from Scotland and were founded in 1968. Together with bands such as LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP or BLACK SABBATH they were instrumental in the imprint of Hard Rock and laid the foundation for the years’ later emerging Heavy Metal. They debuted in 1971 with the album ‘Nazareth’ and achieved for the first time a top ten position in the German charts with ‘Loud ‘n’ Proud’ from 1973. The sixth output, ‘Hair Of The Dog’, sold over a million copies in 1975, making NAZARETH one of the top acts on every stage in the world. Last year, NAZARETH celebrated their 50th anniversary and released their 24th album, ‘Tattooed On My Brain’. After the departure of Dan McCafferty, bassist Pete Agnew is the last remaining founding member. Since 2015, Carl Sentance has been there, who was responsible for the rough vocals at the Swiss Metal band KROKUS. The band is completed by Jimmy Murrison at the guitar and Lee Agnew on drums.

nazarethNAZ 028120190413NAZ 0281

Music & Performance
At 9:30 pm, the Scottish NAZARETH start their Rock show, which is truly fantastic and fits in well with this smaller venue. Carl Sentance gives the old street hunters a groove and a Blues feeling, as one would hardly have expected. While ‘Razamanaz’ still rocks very original, you have to listen carefully to ‘Dream On’ and do not immediately recognize the hit. After the CRAZY HORSE cover ‘Beggars Day’, Jimmy Murrison, who joined the band in 1994, shows what a great guitarist he is in a long solo on ‘Changin’ Times’. After the title track of the last album, ‘Tattoed On My Brain’, follows ‘Love Hurts’ (THE EVERLY BROTHERS cover) and it’s touching to see the lovers in front of the stage in their arms. The song has not lost any of its magic at the time. After ‘Morning Dew’ it’s off for a bit.

nazarethNAZ 776420190413NAZ 7764

In the additional part then, with ‘Silver Doller Forger’ including a lot of “hehehe” from the audience, and the crisp ‘Go Down Fighting’ the four Scots finish their show with much cheers.

01. Turn On Your Receiver
02. Never Dance With The Devil
03. Razamanaz
04. This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell Cover)
05. Dream On
06. Holiday
07. My White Bicycle (Tomorrow Cover)
08. Change
09. Heart’s Grown Cold
10. Beggars Day (Crazy Horse Cover)
11. Changin’ Times
12. Hair of the Dog
13. Tattooed On My Brain
14. Love Hurts (The Everly Brothers Cover)
15. Morning Dew
16. Silver Dollar Forger
17. Where Are You Know
18. Go Down Fighting

  • nazarethNAZ_014620190413NAZ_0146
  • nazarethNAZ_014920190413NAZ_0149
  • nazarethNAZ_015620190413NAZ_0156
  • nazarethNAZ_015920190413NAZ_0159
  • nazarethNAZ_016720190413NAZ_0167
  • nazarethNAZ_016820190413NAZ_0168
  • nazarethNAZ_017820190413NAZ_0178
  • nazarethNAZ_018420190413NAZ_0184
  • nazarethNAZ_019220190413NAZ_0192
  • nazarethNAZ_019420190413NAZ_0194
  • nazarethNAZ_019620190413NAZ_0196
  • nazarethNAZ_020920190413NAZ_0209
  • nazarethNAZ_021620190413NAZ_0216
  • nazarethNAZ_023020190413NAZ_0230
  • nazarethNAZ_024820190413NAZ_0248
  • nazarethNAZ_026920190413NAZ_0269
  • nazarethNAZ_027420190413NAZ_0274
  • nazarethNAZ_027620190413NAZ_0276
  • nazarethNAZ_028120190413NAZ_0281
  • nazarethNAZ_028620190413NAZ_0286
  • nazarethNAZ_029520190413NAZ_0295
  • nazarethNAZ_029920190413NAZ_0299
  • nazarethNAZ_030320190413NAZ_0303
  • nazarethNAZ_030520190413NAZ_0305
  • nazarethNAZ_031520190413NAZ_0315
  • nazarethNAZ_031720190413NAZ_0317
  • nazarethNAZ_033420190413NAZ_0334
  • nazarethNAZ_754820190413NAZ_7548
  • nazarethNAZ_755020190413NAZ_7550
  • nazarethNAZ_755520190413NAZ_7555
  • nazarethNAZ_755720190413NAZ_7557
  • nazarethNAZ_756420190413NAZ_7564
  • nazarethNAZ_756620190413NAZ_7566
  • nazarethNAZ_756820190413NAZ_7568
  • nazarethNAZ_757420190413NAZ_7574
  • nazarethNAZ_758220190413NAZ_7582
  • nazarethNAZ_758520190413NAZ_7585
  • nazarethNAZ_759120190413NAZ_7591
  • nazarethNAZ_759220190413NAZ_7592
  • nazarethNAZ_760320190413NAZ_7603
  • nazarethNAZ_760820190413NAZ_7608
  • nazarethNAZ_761520190413NAZ_7615
  • nazarethNAZ_763220190413NAZ_7632
  • nazarethNAZ_763520190413NAZ_7635
  • nazarethNAZ_763820190413NAZ_7638
  • nazarethNAZ_764420190413NAZ_7644
  • nazarethNAZ_765220190413NAZ_7652
  • nazarethNAZ_766020190413NAZ_7660
  • nazarethNAZ_766620190413NAZ_7666
  • nazarethNAZ_767120190413NAZ_7671
  • nazarethNAZ_768420190413NAZ_7684
  • nazarethNAZ_768520190413NAZ_7685
  • nazarethNAZ_768820190413NAZ_7688
  • nazarethNAZ_769020190413NAZ_7690
  • nazarethNAZ_770120190413NAZ_7701
  • nazarethNAZ_770820190413NAZ_7708
  • nazarethNAZ_771520190413NAZ_7715
  • nazarethNAZ_773120190413NAZ_7731
  • nazarethNAZ_773620190413NAZ_7736
  • nazarethNAZ_774220190413NAZ_7742
  • nazarethNAZ_775020190413NAZ_7750
  • nazarethNAZ_775220190413NAZ_7752
  • nazarethNAZ_775420190413NAZ_7754
  • nazarethNAZ_775820190413NAZ_7758
  • nazarethNAZ_776420190413NAZ_7764

All Pictures by Andreas Gey
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