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nazareth rocknrolltelephone
Artist: Nazareth
Title: Rock’n’Roll Telephone
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 6th June 2014
Label: Salvo / Soulfood Music

Album Review

NAZARETH is one of the better known rock bands of the hard rock genre, formed in 1968 in Scotland they too are the oldest band I ever reviewed (formed 12 years prior than me). Together with bands like LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH they played an important role in laying the cornerstone of what today is called heavy metal. Their best known records are ‘Razamanaz’ (1973), ‘Loud`n`Proud’ (1973) and ‘Hair of the Dog’ (1975). This year the 45 years spanning career of NAZARETH gave birth to a new record called ‘Rock’n’Roll Telephone’, this is their 23rd Album to date. Together with SIMPLE MINDS they are the internationally most famous band from Scotland.

McCafferty was always shining with his remarkable raspy voice. On this album, it is a little different and at first I didn`t recognize McCafferty for I detected a slight change in tone and phrasing. I have to admit that I only knew a handful of song from NAZARETH and that I was disappointed by listening to the new material. I read a few other reviews and since all of them are quite nice the problem I have with this record is that I just can`t relate to their sound and lyrics and that is my problem... The songs on the album in my opinion are good as long as McCafferty sings in the lower range (here it`s worth to mention the song ‘The Right Time’). Unfortunately I can`t seem to detect any earworms or soon-to-be classics… maybe next time.


01. Boom Bang Bang
02. One Set of Bones
03. Back 2b4
04. Winter Sunlight
05. Rock `n` Roll Telephone
06. Punch a Hole in the Sky
07. Long Long Time
08. The Right Time
09. Not Today
10. Speakeasy
11. Just a Ride
12. God of the Mountain
13. Wanna Feel Good


Linton Osborne - Vocals, on the album, vocals are still by Dan McCafferty
Jimmy Murrison - Guitar
Peter Agnew - Bass
Lee Agnew - Drums

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nazareth rocknrolltelephone


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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