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Artist: Nazareth
Title: Big Dogz
Genre: Blues Rock / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Release Date: 15th April 2011
Label: earMUSIC / Edel

Album Review

NAZARETH have been around since 1968, their impressively prolific discography is going to count a new album ‘Big Dogz’ soon - it will be released on April the 15th. It contains eleven songs, and within a deluxe edition also some bonus tracks - about five of their greatest hits recorded acoustic in 2000. Their sound is still steeped in the great old Rock. McCafferty’s voice takes a sure command from the beginning, and it’s quite a vocal performance. Also during all those the years in the music scene his voice only got stronger and better, even if it’s rough and cracked around the edges. The album sounds even more energetic, possesses more dynamic verve than the music they played say in the ‘70’s. The comparison to wine comes good here - the passing of time has only made them better. 

The songs have good contrasts of tempos; have enough interesting points in each of them to make all songs worthy of being there,  lyrics that hold one’s attention as well. If you like the more balladesque songs then you will love ‘When Jesus comes to save the world again’, there’s a bit of a bluesy quality there, a wonderful smoky quality to McCafferty’s voice. And of course the other songs are the great and driving Rock that will not only produce nostalgia for its golden age, but will get you moving and wanting to get to see them live and enjoy it even better. It’s highly enjoyable and solid music, certainly more so than most of the newcomers to the Classic (Hard) Rock genre even if it sounds a little vintage, but the spirit of Rock’n’Roll is inhabiting it genuinely from first to the last note and there’s enough modern sounds for it not to be far too retro.


01. Big Dog’s gonna howl – 3.58
02. Claimed – 3.55
03. Radio – 5.01
04. When Jesus comes to save the world again – 6.24
05. No mean monster – 4.17
06. Time and tide – 7.20
07. Lifeboat – 4.58
08. The Toast – 3.59
09. Watch your back – 4.32
10. Butterfly – 5.30
11. Sleeptalker – 5.45


Dan McCafferty – lead vocals
Jimmy Murrison – guitar
Pete Agnew – bass
Lee Agnew – drums


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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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