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teichmann theymadeus
Artist: Teichmann
Title: They made us do it
Genre: Experimental / House / Techno
Release Date: 31st October 2011
Label: Festplatten / Rough Trade

Album Review

It’s the second release of the TEICHMANN brothers and they’re still continuing their concept from their debut ‘The Number of the Beat’: exploring musical genres, broadening their own horizon by friendly musicians in collaborations in order to mix and mash it up to new sound collages and new musical structures. Although the two brothers had a lot of things to do in the last years (working as curators for an intercontinental project called BLNRB, creating mixes for compilations and travelling from Algeria, China, South-Africa, Kenya, India to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, they even had the time to support their project TEICHMANN.

The release ‘They made us do it’ follows that effective concept of its predecessor in distinctive points and the result is an album that “contains pure analogue, dirty and sophisticated dance music, with a wide range of influences: from Chicago house to German psychedelic krautrock, from skweee to minimal techno, from ambient to bass, from the first collaboration with their free-jazz daddy on saxophone up to collaborations with modern classical musicians“, as they would describe their own music. There’s nothing more to say, except the fact that TEICHMANN really did a great job on their release and hopefully they’re succeeding and continuing not only international understanding in but also in creating interesting and diversified releases…


01. Intro (spoken by Sasha Perera)
02. Automarsch
03. Different Brains
04. My Nenita / Not Asleep (Gebrüder Teichmann Edit)
05. Auf Dem Wasser
06. Atari Funk (feat. Chloe Richardson)
07. Brainwash - Adapter Edit
08. Euphone
09. Re-Generation (feat. Benni King)
10. Hangover With Me (feat. Tijana T)
11. Invasionary
12. After The War
13. The Faketory (with Rubber Inc. and Uli Teichmann)


Andi Teichmann
Hannes Teichmann

Foremost Poets aka Johnny Dangerous (Nu Groove, Soundmen on Wax, New Jersey)
Tijana T. (Abe Duque Records, Belgrade)
Fran Bareth (Friends Electric, Buenos Aires)
Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi, Berlin)
Benni King (The Happy End, Berlin)
Uli Teichmann (Regensburg)
Rubber Inc (Sweetspot, Manila)
Alois Späth (Collegium Vocale, RIAS Chor, Berlin)
Leopold Hurt (Teichmann Hurt, Hamburg)
Mathis Mayr (Ensemble Mosaik, Piano Possible, Munich)
Chloe Richardson (Berlin)

Website / /

Cover Picture

teichmann theymadeus


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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