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seadrake daydream
Artist: Seadrake
Title: Daydream
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 29th May 2015
Label: SDRK

Single Review

If you still haven’t heard about SEADRAKE, it seems that you’ve missed some wonderful Synth Pop mixed with a few guitars and a wonderful voice. Oh, I forgot to mention that they know how to write melodies that will stuck in your head for quite a while. But back to the main point: The band around Mathias Thürk (former member of MINERVE) and his lovely band mates Hilton Theissen (AKANOID) and Rickard Gunnarsson (LOWE, STATEMACHINE) is about to conquer the DAC if you ask me. Their sound is somewhere between 80s melancholy and a few guitar lines which makes ‘Daydream’ sound a bit like COLDPLAY in the melody. The singing melody reminded me of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, not sure why. It might have been cause of the lyrics or because it sounded a lot like Matthew Tuck.

No, we don’t have Metalcore here mixed with Synths, don’t worry. ‘Daydream‘ is that much nice, that it will stay in your head for hours, especially the chorus. And it is easy to sing along. I know we all don’t have that much good singing voices, but we’ll sing anyway. So get ‘Daydream‘ into your car and sing along when the traffic is getting on your nerves or maybe listen to ‘What you do to me’ (Remix) if you like it a bit more electronic and with Minimal influences. My favourite mix of all, just to let you know. It is soft, not that much focussed on the lyrics but more on the (as I already said) Minimal like sound and perfect for a stay at a lake, the beach, an evening with friends. Please don’t expect SEADRAKE to sound like MINERVE or AKANOID or anything else the band members have been into. It’s different and a bit of 80s, a bit of Synthp Pp, a little bit of Pop music and still music to close your eyes and just dream, and maybe daydream.


01. Daydream (Single)
02. Daydream (Single edit)
03. Daydream (Rob Dust Remix)
04. What you do to me (Disko Deutschland Remix)


Hilton Theissen
Rickard Gunnarsson
Mathias Thürk

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Cover Picture

seadrake daydream


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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