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portnoir anywaythewindcarries
Artist: Port Noir
Title: Any Way the Wind Carries
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 25th March 2016
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

'Any Way the Wind Carries' is the second full-length studio album by a Swedish band PORT NOIR. Although the band officially exists since 2011, they already have a rich history, including support acts for IN FLAMES and KARNIVOOL and sharing stage with SLIPKNOT, KORN, MESHUGGAH and the others at the Festival in Gothenburg. Even if the band is often mentioned in the line with real metal monsters, PORT NOIR musicians themselves are quite careful with labels. The debut album suggests the music inspired by all possible genres ranging from KRAFTWERK to JOHNNY CASH, CULT OF LUNA to MUSE, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE to 80s pop music. For the inspiration for their second record the musicians were searching under the Spanish sun. There they found could remind a listener on metal, rock, funk, soul or any other genre for that matter, said the musicians...

With their releases PORT NOIR are trying to satisfy their musical ambitions and find "new ways to express their feelings via music". However, judging by the points in their biography which they stress, they still need to explain a lot about their music. For example, they like to underline "no borders" in their creativity. Well, in fact music by PORT NOIR isn't that mysterious or diverse, to spot the influences. It could be more interesting if the musicians would really let themselves go instead of concentrating on "smartly arranging the songs," inspired by their musical tastes. It is weird that with all the groovy guitars and atmosphere a-la DEFTONES, 'Any Way the Wind Carries' sounds like Barbie-metal. Probably, it's the crying (suggested as "passionate") vocals, or the super soft melodies. The album is definitely full of emotions and pretty atmospheric. And it really sounds like a hard work. It's just that working too hard you may lose those imperfections that make it perfect.


01. Any Way the Wind Carries
02. Earth
03. Vous Et Nous
04. Black from the Ink
05. Onyx
06. Diamond
07. Beyond the Pale
08. Fur, Rye
09. Exile
10. The Sleep
11. Come What May
12. The Oak Crown


AW Wiberg
Love Andersson
Andreas Hollstrand

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Cover Picture

portnoir anywaythewindcarries


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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