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portnoir neon
Artist: Port Noir
Title: Neon EP
Genre: Rock / Dark Electro
Release Date: 30th October 2015
Label: Century Media

Review Flash

So you want to show that you can actually sing? You are a big fan of balladry but you also obtain that pleasure in metal explorations? You appreciate pop but you don't want to let it out cause you are too hype for it? Congratulations, you have found your niche in the likes of BRING ME THE HORIZON, and a less complex version in PORT NOIR. Defined as “Rock-meets-dark-electro” I would add the “sweet-palatable-pop-tune” at the beginning of the previous definition. The ‘Neon EP’ by PORT NOIR is nothing but another boring venture of pop into the long-ago tamed lands of “insert-your-favourite-tag-here” metal. Lacking honesty, why don´t just stay on the pop side? why always forcing the pill of “being true metal”? Haven't we learned enough that forcing a pill will only provoke vomiting? The ‘Neon EP’ consists of four songs that without paying too much attention sound exactly the same; dull voice that lulls and blends until is just a block of sound, a few veiled riffs here and there, some attempts at complex rhythm that will make the heart of young first-timers skip a beat before they dig deeper into the broad genre that we have come to call Heavy Metal.

Conclusion: If you are a first-timer into any of the following: heavy metal, electronic or dark (whichever understanding you want to have of it), ‘Neon EP’ by PORT NOIR is a good option to know exactly what not to listen if you really want to dig deeper, learn and enjoy beyond the formulaic pop.

Rating: 5 / 10

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