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rickastley beautifullife
Artist: Rick Astley
Title: Beautiful Life
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 13th July 2018
Label: BMG

Album Review

We all know Rick Astley’s ‘Never gonna give you up’. He also went Platinum with ‘Whenever you need somebody’ and gold with ‘Hold me in your arms’. After he came out with ‘50’ in 2016 - which was sold more than 300,000 times - he is now back with ‘Beautiful Life’. The album is starting with the name giving track ‘Beautiful Life’ which is a flawless Pop track. Track number two is ‘Chance to Dance’ which embodies a happy summer Pop song in my eyes. Next song is ‘She Makes Me’ and it is a very powerful Pop ballad where Rick’s vocals are very strong and paired with some melancholic guitars. ’Shivers’ is a bouncy and danceable song mixed with some interesting elements. Song number five is ’Last Night On Earth’ which is a thoughtful, melancholic and flawless Pop song. Next song is ‘Every Corner’. That track is starting with piano and Rick’s vocals only. His voice is here very powerful and sound flatters his vocals.

Track number seven is ‘I Need The Light’ and it is coming with some strong piano sounds paired with strong vocals and a very powerful chorus where we hear some female voices. Song number eight is ‘Better Together’ which brings us some different facets of Rick Astley’s vocals and I would call it a happy ballad. Next track is ‘Empty Heart’ and it is starting with pure and rough vocals paired with guitars. The chorus is absolutely strong, powerful and kind of pure. Track number ten is ‘Rise Up’ and it’s starting a bit melancholic leading into a flawless Pop ballad. Once more we hear the different facets of his voice. Song number eleven is ‘Try’ and is my absolute favourite from ‘Beautiful Life’ because it’s extremely powerful and strong. Last track is ‘The Good Old Days’ which is another favourite song of mine. I love his voice because it has so many facets and is so strong. What we all should know the album is produced, written and everything alone by Rick Astley. So I say he is great musician who transported his own sound from the 80ies into the modern days. Awesome Pop album!


01. Beautiful Life
02. Chance To Dance
03. She Makes Me
04. Shivers
05. Last Night On Earth
06. Every Corner
07. I Need The Light
08. Better Together
09. Empty Heart
10. Rise Up
11. Try
12. The Good Old Days


Rick Astley


Cover Picture

rickastley beautifullife


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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