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Title: Behind The Horizon
Artist: Pyrroline
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 15th December 2010
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

PYRROLINE in its strict meaning is a set of organic chemical compounds; broadening the scopes to find others reveals it being the new name for the project formerly known as NORDSCHLACHT. The name’s been dropped for reasons you can read at various locations on the net if you want to know why. Under their new moniker it is that the second album of the two by the name of ‘Behind The Horizon’ has been released. The opening cut ‘EMP Fallout’ places the focus on the dance floor, using straight beats, marching forward with mechanic precision under atmospheric incursions. It sees the duo continuing with utilizing analogue, rather vintage equipment, in favour of high-tech machine parks to create their soundscapes which is one reason they’re as unique as they are. The first one to feature hissing vocals is ‘When Machines Get Souls’ which lyrically picks up the theme of the acknowledgement of a machine, maybe an android, as a human being. Would that ever happen with the primal fear of the people in mind they were actually planning to wipe out the entire race.

With multi-level beats lashing the next tune ‘My Dreams’ kicks in and opens the gates to the subconscious worlds of our inner self and for one or the other to the world they prefer to live in over the stark, cold reality. Spherical textures circle around these mentioned beats here and contribute significantly to the weightless feeling it generates. If the title ‘1984’ doesn’t ring any bell you should probably google the name Orwell and see what turns up. But this isn’t about the novel, but the eponymous track which sketches a very apt picture of today’s information society and the dangers it bears concerning universal surveillance. The track itself lays out a very heavy, mid-tempo structure for the melodies and distorted vocals to float upon, reflecting the weight of this topic and the necessity to deal with it. ‘When Angels Pass Away’ is the first of two tracks where Schmoun takes over vocal duties. A substantially different mood is resonating within the melodies and vocals on this one, the sadness and resignation tangible as if it’s in the same room with you as an entity right now. The production on this one is somewhat cleaner, the layers permeable to crystalline piano lines.

‘The Collective (Reassimilated)’ revokes the theme of losing the individuality in a society that seems to strive for nothing more than conformity, and everything and everyone  not matching the pattern is going to be sorted out and pushed into the position of a pariah. Crisp drum patterns and thick moods dominate this track where Arnte’s whispering vocals seem to have been carried to your ears on invisible washes. Now this one called ‘Tears Behind Freedom’ was instantly my favourite. Not because it is like a modern rendition of classic MENTALLO & THE FIXER sound. It’s for the way it juggles with varying moods; how it’s creating dense textures one second just to go with vintage keys the other while maintaining the profound aura throughout. ‘Drown’, the second of Schmoun’s tracks, keeps it minimalist regarding arrangements and plays with micro atmospheres, rather than raising walls of sounds. ‘Doomsday Clock’ invokes the picture of a clock in black showing it is 5 to midnight. The menace lying within that simple picture is transferred greatly into music, so you can feel it looming overhead without being able to do anything about it.

The first PYRROLINE album ‘Behind The Horizon’ shows a distinct progression in sound for the duo; it all sounds much more matured, even though the debut as NORDSCHLACHT already sounded advanced. The danceable songs on the album definitely have more punch and display a rather classic EBM approach, while the atmospheric tunes go deeper than before. The lyrics go beyond standard commanding and tell stories that range from very personal insights to political subjects. All these points make the album a round package and a must-have for ambitious listeners.


01. EMP Fallout - 5:19
02. When Machines Get Souls - 4:16
03. My Dreams - 4:50
04. Cybernetic Civilization - 5:15
05. 1984 - 4:20
06. Prophecy - 4:56
07. When Angels Pass Away - 4:50
08. The Collective (Reassimilated) - 5:16
09. Afghanistan - 5:15
10. Tears Behind Freedom - 5:40
11. Drown - 3:21
12. Cureless - 6:57
13. Doomsday Clock - 4:15
14. Cybernetic Civilization (Molecular Acoustic RMX by MC1R) - 4:39


Arnte & Schmoun


Cover Picture


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


0 #1 ariatloak 2012-04-11 01:51
Any lyrics?
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