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Artist: Seven Thorns
Title: Return To The Past
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 14th January 2011
Label: Nightmare Records

Album Review

Denmark’s SEVEN THORNS are back two years later after their debut, ‘Glow Of Dawn’, with another “exciting album”. Unlike most power metal bands that tend to go for a majestic, grandiose sound, SEVEN THORNS continue the tradition of creating rather upbeat and happy music that focus on heroes and patriotism, along with the typical fantasy touch here and there, with their latest album ‘Return To The Past’. Right when the album opens up with ‘Liberty’ one can tell from the guitars that it is going to be a heavy album, but also extremely uplifting and positive. From the guitar tones it feels like a rock rendition of some national anthem, and the vocals have that typical soaring high to it, but not too high. The drumming tends to be pretty varied and the keyboards range from being subtle to being able to be heard pretty clearly, such as on ‘Through The Mirror’.

However, sometimes the upbeat tone of things can tend to feel a bit one sided. While some power metal bands like to break the mood up with a ballad or a slow song driven by acoustic guitar or piano, SEVEN THORNS ignore this trend go straightforward with energetic, guitar led songs. There is not a bad track on this album, but there also isn’t really a stand out one either. They all just tend to sit in the middle. ‘Through The Mirror’ is one of the rare songs that feature both a guitar and keyboard solo, but they all tend to same in the same ‘happy’ tone by starting out low and going to a higher note. ‘Spread Your Wings’ is the only track that really features anything “dark” with the guitar tones and the lyrics, but it doesn’t upset the theme of positivity within every song by tossing a black sheep of depression out there.

For those who need a bit of inspiration in their lives, ‘Return To The Past’ is the perfect album due to its message. Perhaps the album title is another way of saying “reflect on better days”. Those who are looking for more varied and progressive power metal may find SEVEN THORNS a bit stuck in a loop for them. The band does has its progressive moments, and the keyboard certainly helps because it not only plays as a background instrument but also as a full on frontal instrument with its solo moments, but with every track sounding like it belongs on a V/A CD full of songs dedicated to the state, nation, country, etc, the entire upbeat tone can tend to wear out on the ear pretty quickly.


01. Liberty 4:47
02. End of the Road 4:40
03. Through the Mirror 4:26
04. Freedom Call 4:18
05. Countdown 5:02
06. Forest Majesty 4:08
07. Spread Your Wings 5:23
08. Fires and Storms 5:31
09. Return to the Past 5:59


Erik "EZ" Blomkvist - Vocals
Gabriel Tuxen - Guitar
Christian Balslev Strøjer - Guitar
Nicolaj Marker - Bass
Asger W. Nielsen - Keyboards
Lars "Laske" Borup - Drums


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Music: 5
Sound: 6
Total: 5.5 / 10

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