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pyrroline ruinsoutlast
Artist: Pyrroline
Title: Ruibns Outlist
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 7th March 2013
Label: Electro Aggression Records

Album Review

So finally there it is, the follow up to 'Behind The Horizon' of PYRROLINE, a project I have particularly come to love over their realization of North American style electro, doing a great deal of putting it back into the limelight over here. The snippets that have been put up on SoundCloud were a very promising treat indeed and I've been pretty excited about the day I would get my hands on a copy. So, several weeks and countless listening sessions later here's what I think about 'Ruins Outlast'. 'Disobedience' is kicking it off heavily and right into your gut with a a truly industrial sounding beat. >Soon, but very subtly and growing by the minute regret is phasing in with the melodies as Arnte is painting a picture of the decline of human civilization. The chorus melody is like a swansong to humanity, that if nothing happens to change the course it's happening exactly as laid out here. 'Effulgent' follows right up, sounding way more organic altogether, those patterns circulation about ethereal waves of sombre atmospheres, surrounding darkened whispers. Still one of my favourites on the new album.

Never getting over mid-tempo, the next entitled 'Precious Time' even goes at it slower. It has kind of a symphonic quality to it that even adds a feeling of hope to it all for me. 'Again' is Schmoun's first take on the new record. It presents the listener with an introspective journey that that dwells on personal past events and how they can affect present and future if one's not able of letting go. 'The Round' is the first instrumental track. Expect edges, noise and various sonic signature changes around every corner. 'An Animal' reminds me a lot of early MENTALLO material, not the stuff that has been put out lately. Back then there was still a unique atmosphere to their music, the vocal effects comparatively simple yet effective. That is a feeling I'm getting with this track also,. It has just the right spirit. 'Ruins Outlast – Cultures Fall' a simple truth. Human life has always been fleeting. Just a millisecond on earth and you're gone already while remnants of dead cultures are still found all around the globe. This track is in some ways like the musical equivalent to the dark vision on the cover yet it leaves room for hope and a little light.

A heavy brushed beat accompanies 'Incomplete' that is sounding surprisingly modern and digital compared to all the old-school material on here. It's a ballad type of song, floating on melody, a fabric of strings with longing piano chords intertwined. 'Worlds Sorrow' begins like being trapped in suspension. Every change of pitch creates an entire new room of sound. It is more texture than it is rhythm though that one is obviously present at all times. A mechanical voice keeps fighting against the storm but constantly drowns under the sheer amount of layers. Second instrumental for today ladies and gentlemen. This is the one that intrigued me the most. The way the melodies are being used here, how they mingle with everything around them and how they're able to amplify moods to a manifold is second to none. We're drawing closer towards the end with 'Only Living', intimate, intricate and up close personal. Something to sink and to take in “When there's nothing left inside / there's only living”

Serving as outro 'Ultranova' guides you out of the album that continues to amaze with every new listen. I think it is fair to say that his one has set a bar, hard to reach for other epigones of the genre.


01. Disobedience - 5:55
02. Effulgent - 4:31
03. Precious Time - 6:54
04. Again - 4:31
05. The Round - 6:47
06. An Animal - 4:41
07. The Enclave - 4:34
08. Ruins Outlast - Cultures Fall - 4:24
09. Incomplete - 5:04
10. Worlds Sorrow - 4:40
11. Godmode - 4:59
12. Only Living - 4:29
13. Ultranova (Outro) - 3:39
14. Effulgent (Red+Test Remix) - 4:17
15. Disobedience (Jihad Remix) - 6:35




Cover Picture

pyrroline ruinsoutlast


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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