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Artist: Terminatryx (+ Guests)
Title: Nosferatu (DVD)
Genre: Horror/Silent
Release Date: November 2008
Label: Flamedrop Productions / ENT

DVD Review

Like a lot of silent sci-fi and horror ‘Nosferatu’, originally released in 1922, has seen it’s fair share of tampering. New soundtracks, film tints and speeds are pretty common now. Though most have settled on the ‘Masters Of Cinema’ version as the definitive cut of the film the challenge of adding your own slant to the soundtrack to the film is still an intriguing project for any musician worth their salt. Even the mighty TYPE O NEGATIVE licensed some of their songs for a version.

It comes as no surprise then that TERMINATRYX’ version is principally electronic at it’s core, but it also utilises live strings and flute for an extra gothic flair that really ties into the heart of the film more than pure electronics ever would. Even the use of the b-movie favourite, the Theremin adds to the atmosphere without sounding clichéd. Overall the film and it’s new soundtrack work together. There are one or two places in the course of the film where things don’t quite seem to gel, particularly where vocal samples are used. But mostly the new soundtrack is successful in updating the antiquated format, just that little bit. The inclusion of the live performance of the soundtrack to the film at the 2006 South African Horror Festival (founded by TERMINATRYX’ Paul and Sonja) gives a whole new appreciation for the skill and effort that went into producing this piece, as well as thoroughly justifying its release on DVD.

The extras on the DVD include a music video for ‘Midnight’ which combines images of the band with shots from ‘Nosferatu’ and it is a nicely put together piece. But the faux-aging of the band footage probably blends worse with the genuine film footage because of it. A couple of liver performances and slideshows also give you more bang for your buck and bridge the gap nicely between the DVD and the band’s album. The most rewarding of the extras though is the short film/supporting feature ?imperfection? which features the highlight of a man being murdered with a condom and a nail.


Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (New soundtrack by Terminatryx + Guests)

Midnight (Music Video)
CONsume (Live Video)
Up To You (Live Video)
Sleepwalkers (Slide Show)
Siek + Sat (Behind The Scenes)
Imperfection (Short Film)


Cover Picture



Movie: 8
Audio: 7
Video: -
Extras: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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