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introSkaters Palace, Münster, Germany
22nd August 2017
The Pretty Reckless & The Cruel Knives

Just a few months after the release of their third album, ‘Who You Selling For’, THE PRETTY RECKLESS were touring Germany in January 2017. Now, the band came back for some more shows in Germany, stopping in Münster on 22nd August. Opening band were just like in January THE CRUEL KNIVES.

The Cruel Knives

The British hard rock band was formed by Sid Glover (guitar) and Rob Ellershaw (bass), formerly HEAVEN’S BASEMENT, Tom Harris (voice) and Al Junior (drums). Their debut EP, finally digitally release under the name ‘Side One’ on 28th July 2017, was financed with the help of their fans. Their project on invited their supporters to pre-order their EP, and to become part of the process for what they call “some exciting new music”, and as usual in to get access to some exclusive merchandise and experiences. /


Music & Performance
Just like in January in Cologne where they played the very same setlist, THE CRUEL KNIVES came up on stage with contagious enthusiasm. Lead singer Tom Harris and guitarist Sid Glover managed to lift up the energy right from the start with some good stage moves. Tom later even jumped down into the pic and climbed the fence to celebrate close to the fans. Guitarist Sid had lots of fun in posing on stage, showing kind of rock star attitude, fitting very well to the show. The high tones he sang took the rough hard rock sound of the band to a pretty original dimension. The response of the audience was very good, towards the end of the show, there were a lot of lights seen in the crowd, beautiful few! People raised their hands, sang and screamed on demand. This young band set the stage on fire and I am sure they will be successful in future.


01. The World We Were Sold
02. On A Fucking Leash
03. Kill The Messenger
04. Squeeze
05. Maybe I Should Know
06. Itch
07. The Promised Land
08. Crawl

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7.3 / 10


The Pretty Reckless

THE PRETTY RECKLESS from New York City unite the pressure of classic Hard Rock, the dynamics of the Alternative Rock and Post Grunge, and the beauty of feminine appeal in a unique way. Their front-lady Taylor Momsen had been a successful model and actress (Gossip Girl, Spy Kids 2, Spy School) before she devoted herself fully to music. So far, the quartet has released two albums. With the power of their second record ‘Going To Hell’, the band has achieved international success for the first time: the top 5 in the US, the top 10 in the UK and the top 40 in all of Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Last year, on October 21, they released their third album ‘Who You Selling For’. The single ‘Take Me Down’ gave us a taste of the band's latest tremendously powerful and melody-studded Hard Rock opus. Already at beginning of the year, THE PRETTY RECKLESS were touring Germany and now they were coming back to Germany for three more shows, stopping by at Münster’s Skaters Palace too. THE PRETTY RECKLESS is Taylor Momsen (vocals), Ben Phillips (guitar), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums). /


Music & Performance
Second time to see the band this year for me! After the support act, we had to wait quite a while, about 45 minutes, until the band finally entered the stage. Especially front girl Taylor is really famous and has a lot of fans, mostly young girls, seeing kind of an idol in her. So it was no wonder that the front rows were built of mostly young ladies, screaming for her. Just like earlier this year, Taylor was very stylish in her long leather jacket, t-shirt and trademark black boots. Her show was perfect from the beginning, her voice was great and she hit every note without fail. Of course, the whole band was welcomed with loud screams when entering the stage and the mood level was very high during the whole show. Just like in January, the show started with ‘Follow Me Down’ and ‘Since You're Gone’. Blonde Taylor was adored by her fans, especially the girls of course. She obviously enjoys being on stage and delivering a good show.


THE PRETTY RECKLESS are really an impressive live band. Jamie Perkins, Ben Phillips and Mark Damon are talented musicians, building the base for Taylor’s powerful vocal performance. She rocked the hall with her moves and vocals. Sadly, the set was a little shorter than back in January, three songs shorter to be exact. But still, the band presented several songs from the latest album ‘Who You Selling For’, spiced up with classics like ‘Heaven Knows’, ‘Going to Hell’ or ‘Fucked Up World’ as encore. During the whole show, the fans were really devoted, singing along knowing the lyrics by heart, clapping and screaming. It was hot and tight. Some girls had to be pulled out from the crowd by the security guys even. Last song of the set, the already mentioned ‘Take Me Down’, was welcomed with loud screams and fans went totally nuts. Of course they loudly screamed for an encore when the band left the stage. They screamed loud and long and finally the band returned for a very last song, ‘Fucked Up World’. This one really describes THE PRETTY RECKLES best! Loud & heavy! Once again, the band convinced big time!


01. Follow Me Down
02. Since You're Gone
03. Oh My God
04. Hangman
05. Prisoner
06. Make Me Wanna Die
07. Sweet Things
08. Who You Selling For
09. Living in the Storm
10. Heaven Knows
11. Going to Hell
12. Take Me Down
13. Fucked Up World

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 8.7 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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