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runningwild shadowmaker
Artist: Running Wild
Title: Shadowmaker
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 20th April 2012
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

RUNNING WILD, the sea dogs of Heavy Metal, are back with their 14th studio album in a career that spans over thirty years. And they are back to do what they do best; to sing about the sea and the rebellious attitude. Jolly Roger has become something more than a mere trademark of the band; it has been the personified alter ego of Kasparek that appears once again in ‘Riding On The Tide’ in order to remind the audience what exactly makes their music so distinct. They don’t give a flying monkeys about criticism and they play what they like the most. That the fans of the band will like the album is unquestionable. As for the rest, it’ll be a good idea to learn what Heavy Metal is all about.

The album opens with ‘Piece Of The Action’ a song that begs to be played live as the catchy riffs bring to the mind something from the beginnings of the band, an overall feeling from ‘Gates To Purgatory’ which at the same time is uniquely RUNNING WILD. In that vein ‘I Am Who I Am’ is a smasher, not only one of the best moments of the album but of band’s discography. It begs for endless air-guitaring! As for ‘Dracula’, though lyrically it stands out of the main ideas that characterised the band over the years, nonetheless the eerie sound of bells, the ANGELWITCH feeling attached to it, and above all the sense of fun and the classic Heavy Metal tune make the song among the weirdest the band has ever sung - and I mean that in a good way. These songs are combined here with the almost balladesque ‘Black Shadow’ and some other tracks that are moving towards the fun side of the spectrum like ‘Me & The Boys’ and ‘Sailing Fire’.

RUNNING WILD keep on fighting like the true Heavy Metal mavericks they are. The album is cool as the high seas.


01. Piece Of The Action - 4:25
02. Riding On The Tide - 4:18
03. I Am Who I Am - 4:51
04. Black Shadow - 5:13
05. Locomotive - 4:35
06. Me & The Boys - 5:00
07. Shadowmaker - 4:25
08. Sailing Fire - 4:14
09. Into The Black - 4:57
10. Dracula - 7:29


Rolf "Rock'n'Rolf" Kasparek - Vocals, Guitar
Peter "PJ" Jordan - Guitar
Peter Pichl - Bass
Matthias "Metalmachine" Liebetruth - Drums

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runningwild shadowmaker


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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