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Artist: Tanita Tikaram
Title: Can’t Go Back
Genre: Folk Rock / Jazz / Pop
Release Date: 31st August2012
Label: Ear Music / Edel

Album Review

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know that one song of TANITA TIKARAM’s career that will last forever: ‘Twist In My Sobriety’. Whether it’s the nostalgic dreamer who thinks back to the late 80s or even younger people captured by this very own sound of TANITA TIKARAM’s voice and the distinctive musical arrangements within this song, it has outlasted decades…

It’s a pity, that most of the people don’t know more from TANITA TIKARAM (I’m quite not sure, if they would remember the name as well), because her works are definitely worth to listen to. The fact that an artist hasn’t that presence in the news or in the charts doesn’t mean that his music is obsolete. Far from it! But for some reasons TANITA TIKARAM didn’t get that kind of appreciation she was entitled to. Within this lies the opportunity to produce albums at your will relating to musical aspects and time without being unsuccessful.

Therefore TANITA TIKARAM was not strained under the usual obligations of musical business which led to an immense output of creativity. Her fans waited seven years for her seventh album ‘Can’t Go Back’ and are rewarded with a diversified release that is powerful and full of joie de vivre. A lot of musicians like drummer Jay Bellerose (ROBERT PLANT), keyboarder Keefus Ciancia (B. B. KING, T. BONE BURNETT) supported TIKARAM on her way to “grow into her voice” as she said.

The result is a release that should convince not only their fans but all these romantic listeners of that on particular song, that TANITA TIKARAM offers more than that: beautiful soundscapes, intelligent arrangements, a wonderful composing and an album that will hopefully remain over the years…


01. All Things To You (feat. Grant Lee Philips)
02. Dust On My Shoes
03. Make The Day
04. Rock & Roll
05. Science
06. Keep It Real (feat. Grant Lee Philips)
07. Can’t Go Back
08. Heavy Pressure
09. One Kiss (feat. Paul Bryan)
10. If The World Should Want For Love

Tour Dates

11.12.2012 Leverkusen – Scala
17.12.2012 Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal
19.12.2012 (CH) Luzern – Stadtkeller
21.12.2012 (A) Wien – Porgy & Bess


Tanita Tikaram: Vocals, Instruments, Composing

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tanitatikaram cantgoback


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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