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xp8 twenty
Artist: XP8
Title: Twenty
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 4th June 2021
Label: self-released

Album Review

Look who came back from the dead? Yes, the reviewer is also recovering from a creative break - but way more important - the mighty XP8 delight us with a 3-song-EP to celebrate the 20 years anniversary after a break of seven years! ‘Twenty’ comes around the corner with two songs - ‘Back To Light’ & ‘Lockdown Logic’ and a remix of the latter.

‘Back To Light’ catapulted me immediately in my early party days - remember the 2000s with the huge rise of electronic music in the Goth clubs? ‘Back To Light’ doesn’t just sound like one of the forgotten songs from the time, but actually resonates well with the year 2021. At least in my opinion. You’re welcome to discuss. Well, indeed the time has come for a sparkling 2000s comeback, doesn’t it? The song is full of electronic details that are fun to discover with every play of the song. Marko’s voice sounds so familiar and close in the meantime. A bit like coming home - a home that I actually never got to visit in person when it comes to XP8 performing live, but the energy and vibe of the time is still there.

‘Lockdown Logic’ is an immense dancefloor filler - ah, I wish so much we would be back to partying again. It’s been way too long without proper parties. So this song makes it even harder to not miss the endless party nights. If we ever get them back - please play this one, dear DJs. Thanks! XP8 also provide us with an Isolation Rave remix by no one less than Straftanz and Mixx X. The two of them have provided us with the most beautiful and sparkling Saturday night DJ sets since the year zero AD (after Corona) and me with my first ever Zoom-getting-wasted-with-Gin-night. The remix is refreshing, energetic and kinda makes it hard to sit still.

It’s a pity there are currently no signs of a “real” reunion, I totally see the guys playing at a festival. Maybe a bit selfish, but I never got to see them live, so that’s where it also comes from. Anyway, thanks for providing us with some smashers - let’s take them to the dancefloors as soon as we can. Happy 20th anniversary!


01. Back To Light
02. Lockdown Logic
03. Lockdown Logic (Straftanz/Miss X Isolation Rave Remix)


Marco Visconti
Marko Resurreccion


Cover Picture

xp8 twenty


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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