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wednesday05Kulturfabrik Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
14th November 2012
Wednesday 13 & Bloody Mary

When WEDNESDAY13 and his ghoulish companions are calling all the corpses for a party, then it’s a must-go… and so, quite a bunch of ragged undead assembled on that day at Kulturfabrik in Luxembourg, in order to listen to the master’s songs.

The difficult task of opener was up to BLOODY MARY. The three guys played their set with sovereign routine, were visibly motivated and rewarded by the audience with a friendly applause. Also, you could see one or another woman’s eye gleam when the singer took off his shirt – but for heavens sake, you really should consider eating more. Speaking of the audience, one thing hit the eye throughout the entire gig: although WEDNESDAY13 has a really devoted fan base and does not tour in this region all too often, the Kulturfabrik was barely filled by one third at the peak of the concert… but OK, let’s put this one under “neat and familiar circumstances”.


However, now it was time for WEDNESDAY13 to give their audience what it thirsted for: The first sounds of ‘Blood Fades To Black’ swept through the hall, and the band entered the stage, directly starting to whip up their audience with ‘Rot For Me’, ‘Halloween 13 13’ and even cranking it up to eleven with the smashing ‘Calling All Corpses’ from the new CD. And after these few songs, one could already tell that this concert was about the get awesome: Clear, but forceful sounds, insanely perfect stage lights (as if the flash-and-fog scenarios the band was notorious for had never happened) and a visibly cheered up Mr.13 himself, posing with flying hair (via fans on the stage) – not to mention the rest of the band, who also interacted with the audience via grimacing, eye-contact and cheering the crowd up.


After ‘My Home Sweet Homicide’, the level of fun reaches his first peak, and the band is loudly applauded by their fans (who, however, behaved strangely mannered: no moshpit or so…). Sadly, time was passing way to fast at this concert, and so, WEDNESDAY13 announced way too soon that “This is gonna be over soon!” while the twelfth song. Nevertheless, the band put their feet once more on the gas pedal with the funny smash-hit ‘Till Death Do Us Party’, followed by the confession ‘I Walked With A Zombie’, before leaving the stage quickly. Could this concert be over really THAT soon? Nope!


After letting the crowd chant “WED-NES-DAY-13!!!” for several times, the smiling band entered stage again for an encore. And it started with the long awaited ‘Rambo’, of course only complete with M16-action. Song number two was another “must” song for the band: After exchanging the M16 for a cylinder and a cane, WEDNESDAY13 performed ‘I Love To Say Fuck!’, ordering all the audience to raise their middle fingers up into the air, before having the master declare to the audience not to take the next song personal, but he’d love ‘Bad Things’ to happen to them.


Sadly, this one was really the last song of a concert which could easily have lasted hours and hours more… summed up, this was one definite concert climax of 2012. Two thumbs up!

01. Intro: Blood Fades to Black
02. Rot For Me
03. Halloween 13-13
04. Calling All Corpses
05. Scream Baby Scream
06. M.F.T.W.
07. Gimme Gimme Bloodshed
08. Home Sweet Homicide
09. House By The Cemetery
10. All American Massacre
11. I Want You... Dead
12. I Wanna Be Cremated
13. Put Your Death Mask On
14. Till Death Do Us Party
15. I Walked With A Zombie
16. Rambo (Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 song)
17. I Love To Say Fuck (Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 song)
18. Bad Things
19. Outro: Blood Fades to Black

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Light: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10



All pictures by Kai Bimber

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