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wednesday12Logo, Hamburg, Germany
2nd November 2015
Wednesday 13 & Circus Rhapsody

Two nights after Halloween, WEDNESDAY 13 showed up in Germany and wanted us to come out and plaque. As usually, the band stopped in the Logo in Hamburg, a tiny but cosy club right in the middle of the city. The show was not sold out and in the Logo, there was still enough space for more people, but this did not change anything on the good mood in this Monday night.

Circus Rhapsody

CIRCUS RHAPSODY from Berlin opened the evening which their country punk music performance. The four guys Mahaze (guitar), Nils (accordion, guitar), Michi (singer, bass) and Erik (drums) published their first album ‘Pacific Playland’ in 2013 and sold it for a little donation, chosen by the buyer. /


Music & Performance
Surprising, that there were standing some not looking like Horror Punk guys on stage. CIRCUS RHAPSODY made the people really to sway and dance to the music, but without to became a sort of typical folk music. The guitarist of the band switched between his guitar and an accordion during the show. It was not the first time, like they said, that they played as support for WEDNESDAY 13 and they were very happy to do it again. For those, who are wondering why right this band was chosen, when they got nothing to do with Horror Punk, then you should listen to the lyrics - in the content, it was very much of Horror Punk. This very genius mix was it, what made the band so unique and get the "want-to-see-again"-effect.

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.3 / 10


Wednesday 13

Horror punk legend WEDNESDAY 13 from the US is on big "Blood, Guts & Gore Tour" around the world and comes back to Hamburg after two years of waiting and of course with brand new songs. At the beginning of 2015, ‘Monsters Of The Universe - Come Out And Plague’ was published. /


Music & Performance
After only a short break, the band entered the stage. Opening song was the same like on the new long-player, ‘Keep Watching the Sky’, which was very suitable to sing along right from the beginning. WEDNESDAY 13 did not stay with long introductions nor announces, but smashes one after the other song from the new album into the fans. For ‘Serpent Society’, he put up his horned mask. After this, it was time for some old classics like ‘Skeletons’ and even ‘Transylvania 90210’ from the very first album which had the same name. In the last third part of the show, the songs from new and old were good mixed and every single song was a positive surprise, too. The band did not save up the fog machine, which seemed to be even more on the tiny stage. After 13 songs, the band left the stage, but not for very long - the fans were loud enough to get them back soon for four more songs.


‘Bad Things’ has been dedicated to the pillar, which was standing right in the middle of the front of the stage. Nobody knows, why he is standing there, and everybody hates him. WEDNESDAY 13, of course, too. Now, WEDNESDAY 13 was even more talkative and prolonged the concert a bit with this. The concerts closed, like it was begun - with the last song from the new album, ‘Monsters of the Universe’.

01. Keep Watching the Sky
02. Astro Psycho Galactic Blood Drive
03. Get Your Grave On
04. Serpent Society
05. Skeletons
06. All American Massacre
07. Transylvania 90210
08. The Ghost of Vincent Price
09. Planet Eater - Interstellar 187
10. I Want You Dead
11. Hail Ming
12. I Love Watching You Die
13. Scream Baby Scream
14. Calling All Corpses
15. Homesweet Homocide
16. Bad Things
17. Monsters of the Universe

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 7.8 / 10


All Pictures by Pia Krah

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