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deadcandance intro D4S0084 kleinRuhrCongress, Bochum, Germany
19th June 2019
Dead Can Dance - “A Celebration - Life & Works 1980 - 2019” Tour 2019 - Support: David Kuckhermann

DEAD CAN DANCE are on tour in the early summer of 2019 with their new album ‘Dionysus’. Yesterday, they were playing their first show in Bochum, today follows the second one. Many of the attendees of course owned tickets for both shows. It was a while ago since they could see the band live and you never know when will be the next time…

David Kuckhermann

The artist was already supporting DEAD CAN DANCE when I saw them last time back in 2013. He has also worked with Lisa on the ‘BooCheeMish’ album by MYSTERY OF THE BULGARIAN VOICES FEAT. LISA GERARD. DAVID KUCKHERMANN, who is also member of DAD CAN DANCE’s band, was opening the evening. He was presenting five songs, played on two unusual instruments. One was the handpan, which was invented in 2000 in Switzerland, and the other some kind of oriental tambourine. DAVID KUCKHERMANN is percussionist and musician par excellence. As his biography says, he “created his personal style, incorporating techniques and rhythms from the hand-drumming traditions of Iran, India, Egypt, Europe, Turkey and Africa.” He was all alone on stage, playing the handpan perfectly and received quite some applause after his short performance. /

davidkuckhermann D4S9971 klein

Dead Can Dance

The band around Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard was finally releasing the new album in November. Their unique style of Post-Punk ethos, Rock, Neo-Classical, Folk and World Music has been thrilling since the early '80s - yet DEAD CAN DANCE has managed to add new facets to each album. The title of their album already announces: this time they are dedicated to the Greek god Dionysus, the god of wine, joy, grapes, madness and ecstasy. If this aren’t the perfect ingredients for a good concert evening! But of course, DEAD CAN DANCE does not lose themselves in hollow excesses: in the new songs they feel stylistically and lyrically the influence of Dionysus on music, pagan rituals and religions in Europe. The deeply atmospheric album is pervaded by Field Recordings Perry’s, in which you can even hear a flock of sheep from Switzerland and a swarm of bees from New Zealand - but do not panic, they will certainly not let go live on the audience. /

deadcandance D4S0053 klein

Music & Performance
The demand for the tour is high and also the second Bochum show was very crowded. Lots of instruments occupied the stage when the DEAD CAN DANCE show began and of course, Lisa and Brendan brought a lot of musicians with them. The evening started with the carillon of ‘Anywhere out of the world’ and one after another, the musicians entered the stage with Perry and Gerrard being the last ones. Just like during the previous shows, Lisa was dressed up in a white robe with lots of sparkling glitter on it which you found also in her hairdo. Compared to the last tour, her robe is bigger, but the voice just is as great as years ago, very clear and powerful. Speaking of Lisa Gerrard you have to mention Brendan Perry too. His voice sounded fantastic as well and when both sang together, the chants sent shivers down your spine. But of course the concert was not only about Lisa and Brendan… as told they brought great musicians with them, underlining the songs in a fantastic way. Anything was handmade and there was nearly no computer to be seen on stage.

deadcandance D4S0024 klein

When it comes to the show, one thing is very obvious: anything is pure and reduced. Not only is the music, but also the light show and video projections. There are just a few effects which do not distract you from the musicians. Only thing I personally had wished for: a bit more light on the other musicians in the back since they were so great as well. Instead, the bright lights were reserved for the persons in front, mainly Lisa and Brendan. The setlist on that evening did not differ from previous shows and also not from the first night in Bochum. It was a good mix of past albums and of course also the new one. Even two cover songs were contained. In the middle of the set, there were two songs for Lisa only when Brendan and most of the other musicians left the stage. Especially ‘The wind that shakes the barley’ was breath-taking… first introduced by flute play and then it was Lisa’s chant alone bewitching the audience. Loud applause was her reward… well deserved. What a voice!

deadcandance D4S0025 klein

The main set ended after about ninety minutes. But of course there was time for encores and Lisa, Brendan and her musicians returned twice for all in all four additional songs. Speaking of Lisa and Brendan… compared to the last tour I had the impression there was finally again some connection between them… there was a “together”, and no “besides”. With ‘Severance’ and standing ovations, an extraordinary evening ended after nearly two hours playing time. Let’s just hope it won’t take another six years until the band returns to German stages.

01. Anywhere Out of the World
02. Mesmerism
03. Labour of Love
04. Avatar
05. In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
06. Bylar
07. Xavier
08. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
09. Sanvean
10. Indoctrination (A Design for Living)
11. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
12. The Carnival Is Over
13. The Host of Seraphim
14. Amnesia
15. Autumn Sun (Deleyaman cover)
16. Dance of the Bacchantes
17. Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley cover)
18. Cantara
19. The Promised Womb
20. Severance

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total 9.5 / 10

deadcandance D4S0009 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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