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1.JPGStatenhal- PWA hall, The Hague, the Netherlands
March 12th 2005
Dead Can Dance

The 12th of march was the big night, the Dead Can Dance gig in the Hague.I had been looking forward to it for such a long time- like others with me, I am sure.This concert was such a happening, because the last time Dead Can Dance toured, it was 1996 and they split up in 1998, so I never had thought there would be a chance to see them perform. Tickets were being sold through the internet for over 250 euros a piece, because  the concert had sold out quickly and a lot of people did not know about it being staged due to the lack of publicity given to it on forehand. So it was with the lucky few that I spent that special night.

The place was packed with people of all kinds, not as many metal fans as I had expected and a lot of people I would never have guessed they listened to DCD if I would have met them in the streets. But it was a  great crowd- everyone was obviously ecxited to see the band and all were quiet during the set. So silent that Brendan asked> Is there anyone out there? But it was because everyone was holding their breath in anticipation and anxiously waiting for the next song to be played that the room seemed
to be empty.

And those voices of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry!  They went straight into my very soul-  beautiful renditions of 'Severance', 'Rakim', 'Oman', 'Yulunga', I can see now, 'American Dreaming', 'The Ubiquitus Mr. Lovegrove' and 'Sanvean' in particular were performed. It was almost too much to hear those favourite songs being sung  and I had tears in my eyes at some times. At other times it was hard to keep a seat in my chair. I felt like dancing to the great haunting, hypnotizing rhythms! Judging by the people tapping along to the music to my left and right, tied to their seats as well,  I could tell they had the same problem.

If someone asks me to describe the music of Dead Can Dance, I find I cannot. This is one of the few times that I am at a loss for words. How can you describe a band that has developed a sound that is so very different from anything you heard and that spans influences from pop, classical, hymns, african, medieval and oriental music and still manage to steer clear away from the traditional stereotypes of the genre known as 'world music'. This is also one of the great attractions of their music, because it is so much unlike anything, fans from all over the musical spectrum will be able to find something inthere which is to their liking.

Finally I got the chance to see which intruments they use on some of the songs, they really had me puzzled for a lot of those. I recognized some of the instruments as the same ones that are used by a band called 'the Tea party'. On stage were –amongst other instruments- a chinese dulcimer, played by Lisa of course, tambourines, bodhrans, a hurdy gurdy, cymbals, djembe and bells. They had a big band with them (6 persons), and there was no real show going on- except for the beautiful lighting which got to play a big role instead of the bandmembers. It worked great on songs like 'Saltarello' and 'Severance' during  which the light especially added to the atmosphere of the music.

After twenty songs were played in about two hours, the dream was over and the lights went back on. All in all it was a great performance and I know I will never forget about this experience, this was not music I heard being performed, but pure art!

For anyone who missed out on the shows, but still would like to get a chance to hear what Dead Can Dance sounded like, there is a site through which a cd with all the songs which were played can be purchased. From each show, there is a cd available. Having said this, I should also tell you to go about it quickly, because all of the cd’s have almost sold out.
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Unfortunately we cannot offer you any real photos from the show, since photographers were not allowed in. We decided to publish these small snapshot as a representation of the stage and lightshow.


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