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ActorsD.K Luksus, Wroclaw, Poland
5th September 2019

ACTORS, a Canadian POST PUNK band, was founded in 2012 in Vancouver. The members: vocalist and guitarist Jason Corbett, bassist Jahmeel Russel, Shannon Hemmett (synthesizers) and drummer Adam Fink form a super force that won hearts and ears of audiences by both their innovative approach towards punk sounds and energetic, powerful shows.

I had a chance to see them twice during two weeks - first time in Prague where they co-headlined COVENANT at Prague Gothic Treffen and then in my home town Wroclaw, at a much smaller, club event. I must say they can stand every stage since both events were simply amazing. It won’t be a lie to say that ACTORS are a real revelation of the year - as they are now traveling round Europe during a rather wild and intensive tour visiting all major cities and presenting their innovative approach towards post-punk music they prove themselves to be perfectly skilled performers, musicians and brilliant composers.

01 IMG 202102 IMG 2023

The show in Wroclaw took place in D.K Luksus, a venue that recently turned out to be a real treasure cave for awesome events. Its cosy, a bit mysterious atmosphere built by a labyrinth of small halls, fancy deco and dim light and a major concert stage hidden behind purple curtains - all the elements added to building the right flow for music that is highly cinematic in its quality and features a lot of soundtrack profundity and vividness.

03 IMG 2057

ACTORS appeared on the club stage round 9 p.m. and after a short line check they kicked off the concert. To say it was a real energetic blast would not do them justice - it was a continuous cascade of overpowering sounds that would not let you stay still for even a moment. Kicking, ravishing bass, vigorous guitar, synths - cold, mathematically precise and yet hot as hell and super-dynamic drums - not sure if one can ask for more. Every single note was like an impulse for one’s body to move, to respond with twice as strong energy we were given from the stage - with such brilliant hits like ‘We don’t have to dance’ or ‘Face Meets Glass’ it was simply impossible to stay indifferent. Perfect emotional exchange, brilliant interaction with audience and at the same time a natural way their presented during the show made it one of the best concerts I’d seen in 2019 so far.

04 IMG 204205 IMG 2067

The incredible atmosphere that the music of ACTORS creates is another factor that adds to the sensational quality of their music. It combines dark, mysterious notes with perfectly balanced dynamism that altogether give a feeling of something new, original, unique and yet evokes the best impressions and associations one could have while thinking of any punk-inspired soundscapes. ACTORS came and won one could say - I’m sure the growing number of delighted fans is the best indicator that proves the Canadians did really great job this summer. The chance to meet them during live performances was a pure pleasure that definitely enriched my sonic world. Thank you!

06 IMG 202907 IMG 1996

01. It’s Goes Away
02. How Deep is the Hole
03. L’appel Du Vide
04. Slaves
05. Face Meets Glass
06. PTL
07. Crystal
08. We Don’t Have to Dance
09. Let it Grow
10. Bury Me
11. Like U Want 2

08 IMG 2055

09 IMG 206010 IMG 2063

All pictures by Karo Kratochwil
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