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chaosallstars ineeditall
Artist : Chaos All Stars
Title: I Need It All
Genre: Synth-Pop / Dark Electro
Release Date: 24th February 2012

Album Review

CHAOS ALL STARS, a Swedish cooperation led by OlkK and Nik including various other artists and performers, release their first full-length CD. Having recently joined the band, singer and model Kari Berg (ex-ASHBURY HEIGHTS) is strongly present on this new album. The diverse vocals on this CD perform very nicely together and the music is a nice blend of synth-pop and dark electro. Opener ‘Volcano’ is the original version from the ‘CAS9D’ EP. This version is somewhat shorter than the industrial-rock version from NINEDEE and contains much more EBM elements. It’s real nice sound with brilliant synth riffs. The following track is nothing more than part of the soundtrack from the famous Nazi-Trash-Movie ‘Iron Sky’. It contains real hefty hammering bass-passages, almost orchestral compositions in combination with the vocals from Nik and Kari Berg. Pursued by ‘We Are The Sinners’, a slow-speed velvety electronic music part with a pleasant melody and some nice arrangements and the great and memorable voice of Kari Berg. Some lovely measured electronic ballad follows after this track. ‘Defenses’ combines male and female intonation at its best.

Next OlkK offers a real fine part of Future Pop with ‘Revelation’. This number does not need to hide behind such bands like FROZEN PLASMA and others. With ‘I Need It All’ speed and sound straighten up, smooth bass sections merge with twisted vocals and construct with the contrary clear chorus and synthesizer parts a great musical experience. ‘Forget Them’ is another beautiful designed mid speed part with the fantastic voice from Kari Berg. The last song already marked as a bonus track ‘World Raid’ is a cover version of a 80s EBM song from the band THE OVERLORDS. This version from the CHAOS ALL STARS involves some anthem-like chorus mixed with some nice hitting bass segments. The following five tracks contain remix versions from ‘The Iron Sky’, ‘Volcano’ and ‘We Are The Sinners’. And just the new mixed versions from ‘The Iron Sky’ from MORLOCKS or NINEDEE carry this musical experience to new altitudes.

CHAOS ALL STARS present an impressive almost brilliant CD, full of intelligent rhythms and melodies, ideal for a couple of nights on the dance floor. If you love easily digestible electronic tunes I could strongly recommend this album.


01. Volcano
02. The Iron Sky
03. We Are The Sinners
04. Defenses
05. Revelation (Not Yours)
06. I Need It All
07. Forget Them
08. World Raid (The Overlords Cover)
09. Volcano (Remixed By Independent State/Khybermensch)
10. We Are The Sinners (Remixed By Psy’aviah)
11. The Iron Sky (Remixed By Ninedee)
12. Volcano (Remixed By Ad Inferna)
13. The Iron Sky (Rusty Ground Mix By Morlocks)


OlkK, Nik, Kari Berg


Cover Picture

chaosallstars ineeditall


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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