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adrenalinemob omerta
Artist: Adrenaline Mob
Title: Omerta
Genre: Groove Metal
Release Date: 16th March 2012
Label: Century Media

Album Review

ADRENALINE MOB is one of the new kids on the block in the Groove Metal department, but some might be very surprised to see that some of the performers are from numerous Symphonic and Progressive Metal groups such as Mike Portnoy on the drums- formerly of DREAM THEATER- and Russell Allen of SYMPHONY X on vocals; ADRENALINE MOB is far from either of those bands. Right from the start with ‘Undaunted’ one can hear the hard, chugging groove elements that populate bands like SOULFLY or SUSPERIA and with Russell Allen’s semi snarled vocal delivery that certainly lumps this group more into the Rock oriented style that is harder and heavier compared to the more melodramatic, operatic style of a band like SYMPHONY X.

On other tracks though Russell hits his higher notes and the music is more than just good licks; ‘Indifferent’ is more along the lines of some of heavier SYMPHONY X tracks with the vocals a bit more operatic than usual but they still have that rough edge to them. The overall pace of the music though is softer than some of the other tracks and the guitar solo is certainly in the vein of the more technical work of Progressive Metal, though Mike Orlando performs it in a much harder fashion than the jazzier elements of a band like DREAM THEATER. Much of the Hard Rock sound on tracks like ‘Hit The Wall’ can be attributed to the help of John Moyer, who is the bassist of DISTURBED; one who is familiar with the Hard Rock group can certainly recognize the structure of the music as being very similar with the sharp, haunting riffs and slightly repetitive drumming. On ‘Down On The Floor’ his bass work can be heard the clearest, something that should have been put to more use and focus on the other tracks on the album.

Much of the music performed on this album is harder than usual, which might throw off some who think that what is to be expected is a poppy, Prog. Metal album with tons of flourish. The only track where Russell and co. ever really get “dramatic” or soften up with on ‘Angel Sky’, which is a strong, soulful Hard Rock ballad that doesn’t require piano or an orchestral background to hit emotionally. The interlude section should impress Prog. fans more than enough. Other tracks like ‘Believe Me’ come close, but the hard, rapid chugging opening is a bit too strong of a way to open the track. At the same time, the track also has some of the best balance between soft and heavy sections, making it the most Progressive track of all. Of course, these are far and few between as the closing ‘Freight Train’ shows the very core of hard and heavy Groove Metal/ Rock that makes ADRENALINE MOB such an enticing band as far as riffs go, but at the same time the lyrics are a bit repetitive and limited to innovation. Still, for those who seek dramatic innovation can look into SYMPHONY X for a great story; for great riffs and badass attitude, ADRENALINE MOB is just the thing.


01. Undaunted - 4:45
02. Psychosane - 4:38
03. Indifferent - 4:30
04. All on the Line - 4:21
05. Hit the Wall - 6:33
06. Feelin' Me - 3:55
07. Come Undone (Duran Duran cover) - 4:50
08. Believe Me - 3:59
09. Down to the Floor - 3:33
10. Angel Sky - 4:26
11. Freight Train - 4:13


Mike Portnoy - Drums
Russell Allen - Vocals
Mike Orlando - Guitar
John Moyer - Bass


Cover Picture

adrenalinemob omerta


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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