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Artist: The Winery Dogs
Title: The Winery Dogs
Genre: Blues/ Rock/ Progressive
Release Date: 23rd July 2013
Label: Loud and Proud

Album Review

THE WINERY DOGS is an all-star project made by Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater and many more), Billy Sheehan (Mr Big) and Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr Big). In the beginning, Portnoy (who is the mastermind of this project) had in mind John Sykes (Whitesnake, ThinLizzy) for guitars and vocals but due to some problems, Richie Kotzen took his place. Their self-titled debut album contains 13 songs and we can see a great chemistry between the members of the band. There are many different influences in this album from classic rock to progressive rock and to blues. Richie's vocals sometimes reminds of Chris Cornell but with a more bluesy tone. What can we say about the job made on drums, guitars and bass, with those 3 members the result is nothing more perfect. In my opinion the best songs of the album are ‘Elevate’, ‘Desire’, ‘We Are One’, ‘Six Feet Deeper’ and ‘Criminal’. The production is very, very good and you can listen very clear all the instruments and enjoy the sound of those 3 all-stars. I wish THE WINERY DOGS to continue to exist and  give us more premium albums like their debut.


01. Elevate
02. Desire
03. We Are One
04. I'm No Angel
05. The Other Side
06. You Saved Me
07. Not Hopeless
08. One More Time
09. Damaged
10. Six Feet Deeper
11. Time Machine
12. The Dying
13. Regret


Mike Portnoy - Drums/Vocals
Richie Kotzen - Guitar/Vocals
Billy Sheehan - Bass/Vocals


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winerydogs st


Sound: 9
Music: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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