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Title: Tropic Rot
Artist: Poison the Well
Genre: Hardcore/Experimental
Release Date: 7th July 2009
Label: Ferret Music

Album Review

POISON THE WELL is this the reason why all of our wells are not longer working? They've all been poisoned? That's what it appears to be to me... hmmm anyway POISON THE WELL in this case is a band's name and ‘Tropic Rot’ is the title of their newest album. Having worked with producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Kid Dynamite, Dillinger Escape Plan), the band is at their peak of wanting to discuss the upcoming possibilities of what is hidden within. Aside from this release though, the band will release the final instalment in the three part vinyl series, ‘III/III’. Compiling all three of the releases ‘I/III / II/III / III/III’ into a CD format.

When you break down ‘Tropic Rot’ you get a rundown of 11-tracks that go down the lines of old school POISON THE WELL with the new. Mixing it up evenly altogether showcasing some of the even points found on ‘Sparks It Will Rain’, ‘Celebrate The Pyre’, ‘Are You Anywhere?’ and ‘Without You And One Other I Am Nothing’. These selective tunes lay out the whole ‘Tropic Rot’ theme. Instrumentals showing off as they do best, by pulling together some strings with rip-roaring riffs fast tempo beatings with over the edge bass melodies, leaves the vocals high strung out. The instruments are done superbly well while the vocals lack here and there and it can be heard a bit when ‘Celebrate the Pyre’ and ‘Are You Anywhere?’ While the others just throw out the melodic vibrations left and right. Overall, ‘Tropic Rot’ is a newbie album that introduces the listener all over again to a band we’ve heard from oh so many times before.


01. Exist Underground
02. Sparks It Will Rain
03. Cinema
04. Pamplemousse
05. Who Doesn't Love A Good Dismemberment?
06. Antarctia Inside Me
07. When You Lose I Lose As Well
08. Celebrate the Pyre
09. Are You Anywhere?
10. Makeshift Clay You
11. Without You and One Other I Am Nothing


Jeffrey Moreira
Ryan Primack
Chris A. Hornbrook
Bradley Grace
Brad Clifford


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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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