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Title: Insane Inside
Artist: Smoke Fish
Genre: Pop, Rock
Release Date: 29th June 2009
Label: af-music

Single Review

After the first foretaste `Mary´ last year, `Insane Inside´ is the second single that prepares the potential listeners for the upcoming debut album of the French formation. Two years ago, the four band members formed SMOKE FISH in the Brittany region due to the young Israelite Shay (vocals, guitar) who was on a backpacker trip around the world and finally had a rest in France.

Having a look at the cover design, you will see a winged elephant standing on a white cloud - an indication for the fact that this single isn’t geared to an audience preferring straight and traditional Rock music you can usually listen to on the radio. However, if you like varied pieces with a pinch of bombast as well as a bit airy-fairy, imaginative lyrics, you will feel like home in the winged elephant’s empire.

The mid-tempo title track starts with the somehow whiny-voiced vocals that are accompanied with an acoustic guitar firstly followed up by a weird crescendo including drum rhythms and guitar-driven sounds. Later on, this sequence will appear as a kind of theme throughout the song. The verses come up with exalted, Bohemian-like speech-singing whereas the chorus is more melodic and - in spite of the raw guitar riff - appears quite catchy. There are some “shalalala”-backing vocals arousing memories of QUEEN that is mentioned to be an important influence on the music of SMOKE FISH besides artists such as DAVID BOWIE, MUSE or RADIOHEAD.

Due to a booming guitar, the up-tempo song `Hey! Talk!´ swells after a soft and silent beginning. The forceful drum playing causes a nearly Punk attitude and a less playful soundscape than listened on the previous track. Moreover, an old-fashioned accordion might be referring to the band’s origin. To sum up, `Insane Inside´ appeals to beyond-the-mainstream listeners who appreciate the mentioned idols of SMOKE FISH as well as dramatic vocals.


01. Insane Inside - 4:41
02. Hey! Talk! - 3:23


Shay - guitar, vocals
Jonathan - guitar
Py - drums
JeanSé - bass

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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