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Poisionblack: dark metal from Finland with ex- Sentenced frontman

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Poisonblack is neither just another gothic metal band hailing from Finland, nor your generic project-band formed in order to kill some time while the main band is taking a break. "This is not a project band! I have my heart and soul in Poisonblack", states Ville Laihiala.

After playing guitar on the side for 17 years, the Sentenced frontman felt the urge to pursue his ambition as a guitarist and formed Poisonblack towards the end of 2000. Laihiala formed the group together with a couple of talented, close friends from Oulu with whom he had jammed in various bands before, among them his soulbrother Janne Kukkonen on bass. Both of them don't only share a long history in various bands, but also the same vision about music:

"When we produced the album together it was like he could read my mind, how I wanted the songs to sound like", recalls Laihiala about the recording process of their debut-album Escapexstacy in Neo Studio.

Since he wanted to fully concentrate on his guitar duties, Ville followed his first impulse and contacted J.P. Leppäluoto from Charon whom he met when Charon was supporting Sentenced on their Crimson-tour.

"He was the best and most fitting singer I could think of. I knew his voice would fit perfectly and add a certain kind of dark yet melodic feeling to our music."

Asked about the lyrical concept of the album Laihiala smiles: "The main theme of the album is lust & addiction - for life, sex, fire, death... Let's say I took a trip inside my mind and danced with the demons inside of it..."

All visuals (artwork and photos) of Escapexstacy were handled by Sentenced-drummer Vesa Ranta, who previously designed the art for Sentenced's highly acclaimed and successful album The Cold White Light.

Escapexstacy is the perfect soundtrack for a dance with your own demons - just allow its sensual, velvety passion to take a step into your deepest emotions.


Ville Laihiala (vocals + guitar)
Janne Markus (guitar)
Marco Sneck (keyboards)
Antti Remes (bass)
Tarmo Kanerva (drums)



2003 - Escapexstacy

2006 - Lust Stained Despear


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