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vattnetviskar skyswallower
Artist: Vattnet Viskar
Title: Sky Swallower
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 9th September 2013
Label: Century Media

Album Review

VATTNET VISKAR, which is taken out of Swedish language and which purports to convey whispers of water, may mislead one to think that the band may be Swedish also, but they’re a Black Metal band from USA, formed in 2010 they built up an online base, pushed an EP into the world that got them noticed. ‘Sky Swallower’ is their debut album so let’s see what they’re made of. Except the Black Metal ropes their music climbs also post-Metal sounds reminiscent of ISIS soundscaping, which introduces a feeling of special expansion – tripping, dreaming, with you being somewhere between gloom and spacing out – a pulse of contracting and expanding. It’s all easily connected to their interest in nature, and together with lyrics with a metaphysical stretch one’s imagination can be stretched in any direction it wants to follow.

Black Metal gives it direction and melodic weaving, and the latter a feeling of greater complexity. ‘Fog Of Apathy’ introduces brilliant contrasting of slower passage against its opposite with ‘Monarch’ coming to punctuate it with its heightened focus on the drums. This equilibrium of contrasts comes also within the spacing of the album of five longish tracks and three short interludic ones. A truly furious track comes with ‘Mythos’ which towers above the listener like a tornado hurling and pelting one with stones of heavy darkness, all the more underlined by drone/ sludge elements towards its third quarter. An excellent debut of a band that shows a great promise, let’s hope many great albums will succeed on this beginning of theirs.


01. New Alchemy
02. Fog Of Apathy
03. Monarch
04. Breath of the Almighty
05. Ascend
06. Mythos
07. As I Stared Into the Sky
08. Apex


Chris Alfieri – Guitar
Nick Thornbury – Vocals / Guitars
Seamus Menihane – Drums

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vattnetviskar skyswallower


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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