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jameslabrie iwillnotbreak
Artist: James LaBrie
Title: I Will Not Break
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 6th January 2014
Label: InsideOut Music

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To introduce JAMES LA BRIE to the readers of my reviews is a thing I shouldn`t have to do (mostly everyone that ever head banged knows this guy) but hey it is my day off so I will be kind… Kevin James LaBrie was born on May the 4th 1963 in Penetanguishene, Canada. LaBrie grew up singing a lot while listening to the radio, with the age of five he started to play the drums. His singing talent was fostered right from the beginning. This talented young man grew to become the famous band DREAM THEATER`s singer. Since 1992 he spearheads the prog metal scene.

Back to the Review… It`s raining outside the day is awful and I am listening to LaBrie`s new output the ‘I will not break’ EP. If you expect DREAM THEATER like stuff you are mostly wrong just listening to ‘Over the Edge (Mutrix Re-Mix)’ is such a disgusting experience… How comes a frontrunner for prog metal tries to SKRILLEX (yes I use the name of a musician as a dirty word) his own music? The first songs are fair to middling but the remixes are a slap in the face of every head-banger. I for one am not a big fan of LaBrie or DREAM THEATER but I decided to give it a try, this decision was not  a brilliant one because the minutes of my lifetime I wasted listening to remixes of something that might have sounded great are gone forever.

Conclusion: If you like LaBrie and you are not bothered by two-penny remixes that sound like elevator music for crack heads then this EP will not fail to satisfy your needs…

Rating: 7 / 10

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