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Title: Paradise Lost
Band: Symphony X
Genre: progressive metal
Release date: 22nd June 2007
Label: Inside Out Music


SYMPHONY X is an American progressive / neo classical / power metal band from New Jersey founded in 1994 by guitarist Michael Romeo. Their 1997 album “The Divine Wings of Tragedy” and their 2000 release “V: The New Mythology Suite” have gained the band considerable attention within the progressive metal community. Musically, SYMPHONY X is similar to other progressive metal bands to which they are commonly compared such as DREAM THEATRE, FATES WARNING, and PAIN OF SALVATION. They play in a very syncopated, progressive fashion, also incorporating elements of symphonic metal into their sound. Their music contains strong neo-classical elements in line with the music of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, RANDY RHOADS, and other influential neo-classical metal artists. There is also a distinct element of groove to their music, particularly from their latest release “The Odyssey”, and this vein of groove seems to follow onto their upcoming album “Paradise Lost”, judging by the one song they have made available to fans, "The Serpent's Kiss".

“Paradise Lost” has all the well-known trademarks of SYMPHONY X. Fantastic compositions and their technical skills as instrumentalists come together in 2007 like never before.  The artwork was designed by Warren Flanagan who worked for blockbusters like “I Robot”, “X-men” and “Blade”.

Line Up

Russel Allen - vocals
Michael Romeo -  guitars
Michael Pinnella – keyboards
Jason Rullo – drums
Michael Lepond – bass


01. Oculus ex inferni – 2:33
 This first song gives you the feeling of being in an opening scene of some movie. It opens the door to a different world. It has a huge volume and delivers a nig expression. I really like the sound of the strong guitars and the choir singing in the background. They are changing between female and male singer, so it has a lot of tense. The drums really give some nice accents. After all, I really like this song as an opener for the new CD.

02. Set the world on fire – 5:54
Definitely my favourite song of the CD. The beginning with this nice and quite sound that rises with the beginning of the guitar is just wonderful. It´s really strong and has a high speed. The guitar set the feeling of being somewhere else in a fantasy-like world. Also, the change of guitars and drums gives a great sound to the song. His voice is phenomenal and the chorus goes right into your ears. The piano sequences during the song are a great opposite to the heavy guitars. I love that song!

03. Domination – 6:29
It starts out with guitars which kind of lets you get an idea of what is coming up. With the drums setting in, the speed rises to a high level. It has lots of energy and accents given by the guitar are great! During the song, you have a choir singing which gives a whole lot more to the song. His almost screaming voice fits perfectly to this pretty dark song.

04. Serpent´s Kiss – 5:03
This really powerful song starts out right away and gets a really heavy sound by the strong guitars and fast drums. Getting up to the chorus, the sound slows down for his almost whispering voice. This opposite is just great! And of course, you have a great guitar solo in the middle of the song. With his really awesome chorus, this song is really one of the best ones of the album.

05. Paradise Lost – 6:32
This song with the same name as the album has a really lovely piano starting at the beginning of the song. Afterwards, the song starts rising and his great clear voice sets a whole different world to it. It´s a little higher and with almost only the piano playing, this great ballade is my second favourite song of the album. With the guitars starting to play, the song rises even more to a real fantastic peak!

06. Eve of Seduction – 5:04
This song has a huge amount of power! It is really fast and the guitars and drums really speed up the tempo. The song is really heavy which perfectly matches my type of music! Those fast drums are awesome. And his deep singing delivers a big passion. Reaching the chorus, the song slows down a little bit and his wonderful voice is dominating.

07. The Walls of Babylon – 8:16
With the typical length of a heavy metal song, this song is still a little different. It starts out pretty slow with a women singing some notes. The sound is a little oriental like. With the guitars coming up, it´s getting heavier and the choir comes up (mostly men). The melody set by the choir and the guitars is just great. After all, this song is just really strong and really great!

08. Seven – 7:00
This 8th song of the album starts out with an awesome guitar solo that is supported by the drums. Later, it speeds up a lot and has a lot of power. The guitars and drums are changing constantly which really gives a great feeling. And his powerful voice just perfects this great song!

09. The Sacrifice – 4:49
This wonderful piano opens the song and his clear voice sets the scene for a romantic new world. The violins give a great accent. With the guitars coming up, the piano fades out and the song gets a really strong site to it without losing its sense for a wonderful ballad. I really do like this song a lot!

10. Revelation (Divus pennae ex tradoedia) – 9:17
This last song has a beginning that is marked by guitars and drums. It has a lot of energy and power. The long introduction sound really mysterious and the upcoming fast piano sequences are great. Later in the song, you have an awesome guitar solo which fits perfectly into the song. He has a really clear voice in this song. It matches to the choir that starts singing by the end of the song. This song is the perfect ending for this album because it fades out perfectly. And it closes the door of this new world we just experienced with the new CD of SYMPHONY X – “Paradise Lost”.

Cover picture



By never hearing SYMPHONY X  before, I didn’t have any expectation set at this band but I have to say, they really persuaded me by their strong songs and great melodies. The change of guitars and drums are awesome and his voice is really nice. I really like that band and I love the album! 

Music 9
Sound 10
Extra’s -
Total 9 (9.5)


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