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Title: Klangfusion Vol.1
Band: [:SITD:]/Painbastard
Genre: Electro
Release: 27th July 2007
Label: Accession Records


Klangfusion’ is a new way to combine two MCD releases. This package is presented in a six-panel digi-pack and a cardboard slipcase. Vol.1 includes [:SITD:] brand-new single ‘Kreuz:gang’ and PAINBASTARD’s ‘Nyctophobia’ which both precede their forthcoming albums ‘Bestie:Mensch’ by [:SITD:] and ‘Borderline’ by PAINBASTARD.

Members: [:SITD:]

Thomas Lesczenski - music, programming, backing vocals
Carsten Jacek - lyrics and vocals
Francesco 'Frank' D’Angelo - keyboards

Members: Painbastard

Alex P. - production, arrangements, lyrics, vocals

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Track Review: [:SITD:] - Kreuz:gang

01. Kreuz:gang (Single Version) 5:12
This is a typical [:SITD:] club track with a straight and pumping beat and German lyrics. When the chorus starts the beautiful and dreamy string arrangements appear and make this a highly melodic tune.

02. Kreuz:gang (Rotersand's Steinerized Rework) 4:52
The ROTERSAND Rework starts with a short ambient-like atmosphere arrangement and a slower and laid-back drum arrangement that is soon redeemed by a monotonous beat that is present through the whole song. Melodies are rare during the verses. The string sounds are only used during the chorus.

03. Atonement 6:03
The second of the three new songs is a slow-ish and balladry type of song. This time [SITD:] is finally using a different type of drum set that been in this tempo has a heavy bass. The melodies during the verses are dark and haunting but the mood changes when Carsten starts the verses. The melodies become more uplifting and provide a certain feeling of hope.

04. Kreuz:gang (Dolorosa Version by Angels & Agony) 6:24
This remix begins with a melodic sound and is soon detached by the danceable but complex drum set. It has also more melodies than the original through the extensive use of string arrangements during the verses.

05. Kreuz:gang (Remix by Agonoize) 5:11
AGONOIZE put their stamp on this track. The beat is pounding and demands you to dance. The vocals and drums are distorted and melodies are reduced to a minimum. This remix will be a big club pleaser.

06. Metamorphosis 3:41
The third and last of the new tracks uses a more complex and multi-layered drum set which makes the song very varied. The song is more like an instrumental track because the lyrics appear only in the last third of the song.

07. Kreuz:gang (Bestie Mensch Remix by Painbastard) 5:28
This remix begins with a sample and short after that a synth line is added that will soon be joined by a fast and distorted drum beat. The atmosphere during the verses is here although very intense.

08. Kreuz:gang (Laufwerk Remix by Diorama feat. Klangstabil & VA:SEE) 5:22
This remix goes into a totally different direction than the others. It is slower than the original version which gives a balladry feeling to it. A slow laid-back beat and pads are used to create a dark and at the same time intense atmosphere. The vocals were also completely replaced. It's almost a completely different song.

Track Review: Painbastard - Nyctophobia

01. Nyctophobia 7:17
The overall atmosphere of this song is dark and menacing. The drums and vocals are distorted. This song is of a slower kind. It relies more on atmosphere than on club compatibility. This is clearly recognizable when the chorus starts and the mighty and dense string arrangements appear. I'd also like to mention the lyrics which are about sexual abuse in the childhood and the resulting consequences. A topic that is more recent than ever.

02. Psychological Disintegration 5:49
A very neat club tune! It has a highly danceable beat. The vocals are distorted and are accompanied by dense string arrangements during the chorus.

03. Torn feat. & remixed by Diorama 5:23
'Torn' was already included on the last PAINBASTARD album 'No Need to Worry'. The original drums have been replaced by a playful electronic drum construction. The PAINBASTARD vocals and samples were completely stripped out. What remained of the original is the beautiful Piano theme and Torben’s outstanding vocal performance. 

04. MenschFeind feat. Diary of Dreams 5:58
'MenschFeind' which was already released on the identically named EP by DIARY OF DREAMS in 2005, has been completely reworked for this release. Adrian Hates re-recorded the vocals and there’s also a new guitar melody. Everything blends together wither the club-oriented rhythmic base to create a powerful track.

05. Nyctophobia (Remixed by [:SITD:]) 5:52
[:SITD:] put their stamp on this track and transformed it into a flawless [:SITD:] track with their typical drums and very atmospheric string arrangements.

06. Nyctophobia (Remixed by Assemblage 23) 6:34
This remix has a remarkable complexity thanks to the very diverse drum programming of Tom Shear. He also uses guitar sounds and string arrangements in his remix. The first verse seems to be re-arranged to run against the rhythm. A very cool piano melody right after the chorus completes the package.

07. Nyctophobia (Eleven Years Mix by In the Nursery) 5:12
This remix starts with a vocal fragment of the lyrics supported by organ and choral sounds to make the atmosphere very dense. Suddenly there’s a break and we hear a very organic and demanding drum programming. After a short while, string arrangements appear accompanied by something that sounds like a guitar. Another break and the only verse in this remix is performed again accompanied by the organ and choral sounds. The remix works out a totally different facet of the song.

08. Nyctophobia (Remixed by This Morn' Omnia) 4:29
The THIS MORN’ OMNIA remix gets along without any vocals and is arranged in the typical TMO style: Tribal drums combined with a good and diverse drum programming and many synth lines. Could be a great pleaser in the clubs!

09. Nyctophobia (Remixed by Straftanz) 4:28
This is a more club-oriented variation withy a pumping beats, lightly distorted vocal and synth lines.

10. Nyctophobia (Remixed by Supreme Court) 5:42
Nothing special about this remix. The tempo is the same as in the original. It has clean beats and spherical synths during the chorus.

Cover Picture

Technical Information

Total Songs: 18 ([:SITD:]: 8 and Painbastard: 10)
Total playing time: 98:46 ([:SITD:]: 42:12 and Painbastard: 56:34)
Extras: -


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extra: -
Total: 8.5


Accession Records delivers worthy package with their ‘Klangfusion Vol.1’. The new [:SITD:] tracks are getting better and better production-wise and I'm really curious about their forthcoming album. I'm not a real fan of PAINBASTARD but the new songs convinced me too. As for the remixes: Some of them are really awesome and bring out new facets of the songs like the remix of ‘Kreuz:gang’ by DIORAMA, KLANGSTABIL & VA:SEE or the IN THE NURSERY remix of ‘Nyctophobia’ and some are just average like the ‘Kreuz:gang’ remix of AGONOIZE or the ‘Nyctophobia’ remix of SUPREME COURT for example but the good remixes prevail in my opinion and make it a great package for a low price.


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