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Title: In my Time of Dying
Band: Pride & Fall
Genre: Dark Future Pop
Release Date: 17th August 2007
Label: Dependent Records


The Norwegian trio PRIDE & FALL began working together in 2001 to combine the different elements of Metal, Goth and Progressive Trance to create something fresh and new. They were signed to Dependent records in the summer of 2003 and released their first album ‘Nephesh’ in the fall of the same year. The follow up ‘Elements of Silence’ was released at the beginning of 2006. Now in 2007 after one and a half Year of work, PRIDE & FALL are releasing their last album on Dependent entitled ‘In my time of Dying’.


Sigve Monsen - Lyrics, Vocals
Per Waagen - Synths / Programming
Svein Joar Auglaend Johnsen - Guitar

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Track Review

01. Intro - 1:15
The Album starts with a short and melodic Instrumental.

02. The Painful Regret - 5:54
This song is a powerful piece of electronic music which also will be a great pleaser in the clubs. During the verses, the focus lies mainly on Sigve’s voice and the strong beat. During the chorus the atmosphere gets more concreted and also noises and additional synth sounds join in.

03. I Wither - 6:39
This song generates an overall dark and depressing mood right from the beginning. The dark vocals as well as the pad arrangements of this mid-tempo song are contributing their part to increase that feeling. Suddenly there’s a break and you only hear someone breathing before the darkness comes over you again with full force.

04. The Black Gate - 4:32
This on is a mostly beat driven instrumental track. Spherical synths appear here and there and create a dark and dense atmosphere.

05. Adored - 5:50
Some of you might know that song as it was already included on the Dependece 2 compilation released earlier this year. It's a wonderful balladry type of song which starts directly with an awesome vocal performance by Sigve whose voice is at this moment only accompanied by calm and spherical synth arrangements which are slowly getting louder and louder. Later also laid back drum sounds are added but the atmospheres and melodies are clearly to the fore in this song - a song filled with sadness.

06. My Little - 4:49
This song is of a danceable kind too and for the first and only time on the album there’s a glimmer of hope shining through the dark. It starts nearly directly with the beat and some melodies but when the verses start, the focus lies only on the voice that is later joined by a beautiful string arrangement. The chorus sounds as if there were two different persons talking. This track also distinguishes itself through the diversified use of the drums and also includes some rhythmical and tempo changes.

07. The Burning Faith - 2:32
This is the last instrumental track on the album. It begins with dark and deep synth arrangements and without any beats but accompanied by a voice which is speaking something in Japanese language (read by Kenji Siratori). Distorted noises appear and fade into the background again. Suddenly a few drum sounds appear just to fade out a few seconds later.

08. Sacred and Profane - 5:47
It is a powerful track that again entails such a monumental darkness and heaviness that can really drag you down. This song combines danceable beats with a very gloomy and depressing atmosphere build up by various layers of pads and strings.

09. Blood - 4:44
'Blood' is a real Club-smasher and could follow in the footsteps of 'Border' from ‘Elements of Silence’. Starting with a beautiful melody and some laid-back but distorted beats, this song soon shows its true character: hard hitting beats and demanding synth lines dominate the scene together with Sigve’s voice which is sometimes lightly distorted but clean during the chorus. This song has everything to conquer the clubs in a storm.

10. Free me from my Demons - 5:06
'Free me from my Demons' starts with a striking and distorted bass line and focuses mainly on the  haunting vocals and the  drums with some dark melodic glimpse that are added during the verses. While the chorus is performed, the drums change to a distorted kind and also the voice sounds more like an angry whispering.

11. In my time of Dying - 5:54
This closing and at the same time title-giving track is a stirring mid-tempo ballad full of atmosphere and emotions. PRIDE & FALL also integrated guitars into this track which fits perfectly to the mood of this song and increases the atmosphere at the same time. Sigve’s vocals are again very intense in this song. A diversified drum programming rounds off the package.

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Technical Information

Total Songs: 11
Total playing time: 53:08
Extras: -


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8


I must admit that my expectations weren't that high due to my experiences with the last PRIDE & FALL album 'Elements of Silence'. But I was very surprised after the first spin that proved me wrong. 'In my time of dying' is surrounded by a monumental darkness. Most of the Tracks are nevertheless highly club-compatible and danceable. PRIDE AND FALL put all the pain and sadness in these compositions and with that created a remarkable and intense last record on Dependent definitely worth buying.


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