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Title: Visions of Modern Life
Artist: Interface
Genre: Future-Pop
Release Date: 3rd March 2009
Label: Nilaihah Records

Album Review

INTERFACE combines elements of darker EBM, trance, and industrial, all with a melodic, emotional edge. And now, New York’s INTERFACE is back and stronger than ever! Founded by Eric Eldredge in 1993, INTERFACE has created a strong, diverse sound on its releases: ‘The Artemis Complex’ (1999), ‘Angels in Disguise’ (2002), ‘Beyond Humanity’ (2006), ‘Destination Focus’ (2008) and ‘Visions of Modern Life’ (2009). It has developed from hard industrial to dance floor compatible songs, soft ballads and even ambient. Eric is also acting in the remix market, lending INTERFACE’s name to well known artists, and has been commended by the scene-press for its work.

The fourth full-length album reflects yet another positive turn in its career. This album only serves to continue the growth and evolution of INTERFACE. Thirteen songs of mature and introspective lyrics, lush Synth textures, and club-ready beats make for the next evolution in the band's sound. Already previewed on its own EP, ‘Destination’ appears at full length here, alongside more standout tracks like the hard-hitting ‘Body Flow’ or ‘Modern Life’, and slower works like ‘Pavilion’. It even includes an updated version of ‘Corridor’, a track that was written onstage in 1999 and recorded in 2000. Transit EP follows also in 2009 - the second single from ‘Visions of Modern Life’, ‘Transit’ appears here in 3 new forms - a ‘Radio Mix’, then club mixes by INTERFACE itself and by XP8. Rounding out the single is the driving instrumental ‘Control’.

In 2010, the Body Flow EP appears - ‘Body Flow’ is the third and final single from INTERFACE’s best-selling album ‘Visions of Modern Life’. It is available on CD - limited to 500 copies - and in download outlets stores. The B-side of the single is ‘Neuromantic’, a mostly instrumental song which is a musical tribute to the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson.


01. Entry
02. Voices (Mono)
03. Destination
04. Modern Life
05. Transit
06. City Limits
07. Antarctica
08. Pavilion
09. Indecision
10. Body Flow
11. Corridor V.2
12. Voices (Echo)
13. Paranoias Lullaby


Eric Eldredge - Lead vocals, Lyrics, Song Composition, Keyboards
Matt Clennan - Synth, Programming, Sequencing)

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10


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