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Title: Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
Artist: IAMX
Genre: Electronic / Remixes
Release Date: 19th March 2010
Label: 61seconds

Album Review

Behind the disconcerting title 'Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK' - and its sleeve somewhat disturbing - hides not a new IAMX opus but the "Rework" album of the third studio album 'Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction', still released through to their own label 61seconds. The ex-leader of SNEAKER PIMPS reunited great names from the electro-industrial world. Chris Corner rather considers its own work as a moving matter than an immutable creation and thus launches its first album of remixes. Remixes? It is not completely exact since it signifies for the guest artists to revisit with Chris Corner 'Kingdom...' giving to the songs of this album a different ambiance and consequently a completely new dimension.

The album opens like the original one with 'Nature of Inviting'. Californian BLACK LIGHT ODYSSEY is fond of new wave. Having remixed DEVO or YAZOO recently, they are however also inspired by electro masters like TIEFSCHWARZ. As a result, there are remixes where the two universes, extremely compatible, cohabit, as a dancing and dark matter. If you had the opportunity to hear the remix of 'Master and Servant' (DEPECHE MODE) or the more spread 'Oh Well one', you will have an idea of the type of work made on 'Nature Of Inviting'. The touch of TERENCE FIXMER is perceptible as much on his version, which constitutes the twelfth track of the album. Despite his liking for the industrial music which led him to invent the “techno body music” (and to found FIMXER/MCCARTHY with the leader of NITZER EBB), the sound he delivers evolved to the creation of soundscapes that appeals to the club crowd. His remix of 'Nature of Inviting' follows this logic, keeps the immediately recognizable sound of Fixmer and creates a deep ambiance like the tracks of 'Fiction Fiction'.

'Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK' also includes two various versions of single 'Tear Garden'. 'Unfall ChocolateFurWine Remix', with new lines of singing, uses minimal electro, makes the song less dramatic and insufflates an erotic breath into it. A contrario, 'Unfall Art Deco Remix' holds its name magnificently and proposes a jazzy version even more tinged with emotion than the original song. The emotion, moreover, is one of the keys in 'You Can Be Happy'. Once in a while does no harm, although COMBICHRIST are gifted, their remix of this song is not so great. If the injunction “fight!” is shown through the energy deployed in the remix, the version is however a little too technoid compared with the disturbing original song. It denatures the song and makes it lose its theatrical/dramatic shadow. It is probably the hidden goal of this remix but it is really sad that the track's inherent tension disappears almost wholly. A similar process is applied to 'Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction' but this punchy side is benefice for the song since it does not prevent the voice enhancer.

As usual, Chris Corner gives a great overall coherence to the album, even with remixes. Thus, the 'Sweater out Kings Remix' delivers 'The Great Shipwreck' of Pop-Rock’n’Roll framework and gives to it a new life by emphasizing the rhythm. And since the album exploits contrasts much, we find a new version of this track as a ghost (the album does not include less than three ghost tracks!) through ethereal rock where wild guitar riffs appear in the background. 'Think of England' is a curious surprise in the middle of the album. MISS DERRINGER appropriates the track completely, by delivering a punk cover strongly version, tinged with blues and - I must acknowledge it - better than the original. It is also the case of the extraordinary ghost, delicate acoustic version of the same song, where the voice of Chris bores silence, just held up by a light echo and a refined music which leaves the lament a real importance.

For 'The Stupid, The Proud', the alternative was to accentuate the light portentous side, which draws the song towards MUSE and most probably towards BUCKLEY. The 'Index Remix' leaves the "cabaret" side on side and underlines the deeply rock facets of the track. If the 'Omega Man Remix' of 'My Secret Friend' is great but not extraordinary, the good surprise comes with the ghost acoustic version, practically a demo and curiously close to Lennon. From 'An I for an I', the Unfall X-Mess Remix only preserves the rhythmic loop and directs it towards a slightly brutish electro carried by discrete echo effects. Lastly, before the excellent ghost track, 'Running', leads the album to a completely different direction - already present by strokes -, with the incursion of classical music and omnipresent strings.

Through the point of view of the guest artists, the album thus sounds completely new, and forms at the same time a heteroclite and coherent unity. If the songs keep their original substance, they sound like totally new songs, more directed towards the industrial rock and electro. Far from a simple remixes album, 'Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK' rather gives an ensemble of keys to understand the tracks from 'Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction' more deeply.


01. Nature of Inviting (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
02. Tear Garden (Unfall ChocolateFurWine Remix)
03. You Can Be Happy (Combichrist Remix)
04. Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction (Aestetic Perfection Remix)
05. The Great Shipwreck of Life (Pull Out Kings Remix)
06. Tear Garden (Unfall Art Deco Remix)
07. Think of England (Miss Derringer Remix)
08. The Stupid, the Proud (Index Remix)
09. My Secret Friend (Omega Man Remix)
10. I Am Terrified (Alec Empire Remix)
11. An I for an I (Unfall X-Mess Remix)
12. Nature of Inviting (Terence Fixmer Remix)
13. Running (Cook/Kirby Remix)


Chris Corner - production / composition / vocals

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Music: 8.5
Sound: 8.5
Bonus (ghost tracks): 9
Total: 8.7 / 10


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